IFES-GCOE Global COE Program "Establishment of Center for Integrated Field Environmental Science"
Graduate School of Environmental Science & Division of Environmental Resources, Graduate School of Agriculture
Hokkaido University

Symposium, Lecutures & Seminars

2013-01-18 ISAR (International Symposium on the Arctic Research) -3 Satellite Student forum
2012-10-18 Community organizing for prosperous future - Environmental issues, rural development, post-disaster reconstruction in South East Asia
2012-10-07 Live broadcast on the internet: International symposium 'Changing Mountain Environment in Asia'
2012-03-28 GCOE seminar “Role of Ocean in Global Warming”(Professor Emeritus, Shukuro Manabe :Prinston University)
2012-03-12 ESS Seminar "Report on Summer School 2011 in Indonesia"
2012-01-20 Mongolia Symposium “Nature, Human and Mining in modern Mongolia: Challenges by Field Science”
2012-01-19 Announcement of Public Lecture "Environment and Something" organized by REO, IFES-GCOE
2011-12-15 Announcement of Public Lecture "Environment and Something" organized by REO, IFES-GCOE
2011-11-28 Call for Participants for "EES Seminar"
The research of the effects of aerosol absorption  + my research career until today and the research life in the overseas
2011-11-21 Call for Participants for "EES Seminar"
Global Quantitative Observation of Various Phytoplankton Groups from Space by Analysis of Hyper-Spectral Satellite Data
2011-11-17 Announcement of Public Lecture "Environment and Something" organized by REO, IFES-GCOE The 6th Lecture: Redesign for the Reconstruction
2011-11-06 Public Forum:Glacier Changes and Disaster; Himalayan perspectives on global warming
2011-11-05 GLP-Sapporo Open Workshop: Vulnerability, Resilience and Sustainability of Asian Land System
2011-10-04 Announcement of Global COE Career-up Program Special Lecture "Organic Agriculture in Europe"
2011-08-10 Workshop on"Life history regulation of forest trees: towards cross-biome analysis"
2011-01-20 Seminar on the Rhone Glacier
2010-12-10 Seminar "On going Arctic Ecosystem research under global change"
2010-08-09 to 13 Announcement for the 10th International Regional Spectral Model Workshop(Submission Deadline is July 14th)
2010-06-09 to 11 IFES-GCOE Symposium hosted by Liaison Office in Indonesia
2010-03-05 to 10 Introduction and tutorial training course of digital mapping using the Leica Photogrammetry Suite system
2010-02-05 GCOE Seminar (Mr. Nobuhiko Yoshimura ,Dr. Junjiro Negishi)
2009-11-06 International Symposium on "Impact of Climate Change on Region Specific Systems"
2009-10-31 Announcement of a seminar "Scaling land-atmosphere interactions from leaves to continents"
2009-10-27,28,29 Attend and present your research work for free at“AsiaFlux Workshop 2009”
2009-10-22 to 28 Workshop and Field trip on stream ecology and restoration (River and floodplain restoration in the US and Japan)
2009-08-24 Lectures of Prof. Jost Heintzenberg[Aerosol Science - Fundamental and Aerosol Today -( 2009/8/27-28)
2009-07-29 GCOE Seminar (Dr. Tomonori Sato)
2009-07-21 IFES-GCOE International Lecture Series“Tri-level Climate Change Policy in the United States: Interaction at the International, National, and State Levels”
2009-07-14,15 GCOE Liaison Office's SYMPOSIUM “Characterization and Wise Use of Tropical Peatland” (Bogor, Indonesia)
2009-07-14 GSEES Hour by Dr. Leonid Polyak
2009-06-30,07-01 Northern Forest Workshop & Field Trip (Asahidake)
2009-06-28 1st Seminar for conflict management in nature conservation, a case study of conflicts between yezo-deer management and endangered raptor conservation in Shiretoko
2009-04-18 IFES-GCOE International Lecture Series "Earth System Science for The Sustainable Future"
2009-04-14 IGBP Symposium "Frontier of integrated research activities on east Asian and global environment"
2009-03-13 Lectures about LAI-2000
2009-03-06 Seminar on Indonesia
2009-03-05 IFES-GCOE International Lecture Series "International research projects: proposal and implementation by research students"
2009-03-04 "International Workshop on the Planning of Field Training Course for the Integrated Environmental Sciences"
2009-02-26 FY 2008 Annual Symposium (in Japanese)
2009-02-20 IFES-GCOE Seminar (Dr. Moses Ogunlade)

Global COE Program "Establishment of Center for Integrated Field Environmental Science" at Hokkaido University