IFES-GCOE Global COE Program "Establishment of Center for Integrated Field Environmental Science"
Graduate School of Environmental Science & Division of Environmental Resources, Graduate School of Agriculture
Hokkaido University

Invitation for the GCOE seminar on stream ecology and restoration

We have scheduled the following workshop and field trip as part of the
GCOE program, 2009 Career-up Program in Global COE Program (e)
Global COE Invitation fellowship program for overseas researcher.
We have invited Professor Stanley Gregory from Oregon State University, US.
Prof. Gregory has carried out leading studies on stream ecosystems. He
also works on the development of restoration perspectives
and practices that are consistent with natural stream processes.
We welcome any of those interested.

River and floodplain restoration in the US and Japan
- Current accomplishment and problems, and future directions -

Stanley V. Gregory (Oregon State University, USA)

Oct.22(afternoon): Lectures by Prof. Gregory
Oct.23(afternoon): Symposium with Japanese researchers and graduate students
Place: Lecture Hall (5F, Chukodo), Graduate school of Agriculture building

We welcome graduate students who would like to present their papers on the
If you wish to present, please contact Kiyono Katsumata
(kikat@for.agr.hokudai.ac.jp) with the following information by
Oct. 2nd:

-Authors (please clarify the presenter)
-Abstract(5-10 lines)
-Contact information

(Please note that the time and numbers of papers will be determined by
numbers of applicants)

【Field trip】
Oct.24: Shibetsu River re-meandering site (Hokkaido)
Oct.25: Kushiro River (Hokkaido)
Oct.26-28: Aqua Restoration Research Center and Kiso River (Gifu)

Those of you wish to join the field trip in Hokkaido, please contact
Kiyono Katsumata(kikat@for.agr.hokudai.ac.jp) by Sept. 28th.
We will not be able to support the travel/ accommondation fee.

Please contact Futoshi Nakamura(nakaf@for.agr.hokudai.ac.jp) for details.

Prof. Stanley V. Gregory

Aqua Restoration Research Center and Kiso River (Gifu)



Futoshi Nakamura

Faculty of Agriculture
Hokkaido University
TEL 011-706-2510

Global COE Program "Establishment of Center for Integrated Field Environmental Science" at Hokkaido University