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Fundamental Lecture in Environmental Science

The objectives of this course are, to learn several basic and introductory issues in the environmental science and to understand the current environmental problems including global warming, sustainable low carbon society, geoecology, “Satoyama” concept, marine ecosystem and so on, and also to learn some technologies and risk assessments methods to cope with environmental pollution problems. The knowledge from this lecture will be useful to understand the advanced issues provided in the later advanced course of our graduate school.

Introduction to Global Warming

Giving comprehensive knowledge about global warming and a chance to consider adaptation and mitigation as social aspects.


To cultivate the ability to objectively understand diversifying environmental issues based on scientific grounds and apply techniques that are considered to be best suited for resolving the issues to cope.


As a technique to cope with global warming, learn ways to utilize natural ecosystems such as forests, as well as learn about social systems that would enable this.

Advanced Course in Dynamics of Global Warming (Advanced Course in Global Warming Assessment)

Learn about scientific backgrounds of global warming, certain and uncertain evidences of global warming, look for appropriate or better perspective and measures from various standing points, finally study what is better choice for our society and likely guideline to save human populations from any problems in global warming world

環境科学特別講義Ⅱ (地球温暖化総論)

Explain the global warming phenomenon comprehensively. Furthermore, use this as an opportunity to consider adaptations and mitigations from socio-scientific aspect.

日本の環境政策 -公害克服から持続可能な社会へ-

Look down cross-sectorally upon the trend of environmental policies of Japan, such as experiences of pollution subjugation. In addition, consider measures where Japan and its environmental policies could contribute to the international environmental conservation.

環境と人間 -環境科学 その基礎と応用-

In order to construct a sustainable society or a low carbon society, a thorough understanding of environments and ecologies around us is essential. People who wish to learn environmental science or those interested in environmental science are the target of this class, and they would learn the basics and applications of environmental science such as what the subjects of environmental science are and what techniques are used to study this science, as well as how this can be applied in reality. To be more specific, the aim is to perceive the environment from three viewpoints of sustainable society, environmental risk and diversity of natural environments, and foster the ability to think in an integrated manner.





Updated on 2014/03/27