Charter (設立趣意書)

The Prospectus of establishment

The Prospectus of establishment of Faculty of Environmental Science Alumni Association

The Graduate School of Environmental Science of Hokkaido University was established in 1977 under the name of Graduate School of Environmental Science, and to Graduate School of Earth System Science through restructuring and we have been revolving for the last 37 years. During these years, the number of alumni we sent out to the world has reached 4,000. Unfortunately, only few occasions of organized reunion and contacts have been made with those alumni.
In the current circumstances, it is pressing mission for educate and foster students who can contribute and be active in development of community and international societies for graduate school specialized in environmental science by fulfilling the educational and research activities.
In order to graduate schools to represent the societies needs, information and opinions, and improve our education of environmental science, it is imperative to have a correlation and cooperation with alumni who went out to the societies. It can not be achieved without exchanging information with alumni in order to materialize this mission.
On the basis of these background, the Faculty Council of Graduate School of Environmental Science resolved on establishing Alumni Association. For this resolution, “Alumni Establishment Project Committee” was held by incumbent and alumni faculty members as a main member. After the many discussions, it is concluded that newly established Alumni Association’s objective to be the establishment of human recourse network promoting communications between alumni themselves or alumni and currently enrolled students using alumni database eliminating conventional salon type atmosphere. Therefore, we are considering of implementing the following as a main scheme.

  • Creation of alumni directory
  • Information exchange committee consists of current enrolled students and alumni (company panel discussions, facilities’ open house etc.)
  • Exhibitions by alumni
  • Sending messages as to member's information on the home page website (updates of Hokudai and Graduate School of Environmental Science, faculty member's correspondences, the voice of OB and OG. etc.)
  • Supporting of students' conference presentations

It has some merits for alumni who actively involving the academic, industrial, official, and educational arena, and their communities. Alumni can swiftly grasp the Graduate School of Environmental Science activities as a base of environmental science, and can increase the opportunities of utilization of mutually exchanged intellectual recourses, which can be rendered to social activities and every day life in more utilized and convenient ways.
With those project activities, we are confident that alumni and currently enrolled students start exchanging information intensely, and our Graduate School of Environmental Science shall be evolving further and can gain momentum to accomplish our social commitment.
As to the management of the directory, we are creating the strictly controlled guideline of” Personal Information protection policy” according to the laws and regulations. In addition, at the time of establishment, we are planning to hold alumni exhibition, Information Exchange Committee consists of alumni and current enrolled students etc. as commemorating projects.
We would like alumni and our graduate school related people to understand our intentions described above and request for approval and cooperation.
In addition, the lifetime membership fee to be 3,000 yen required for sustaining above activities.
As to the Prospectus, the Article, "Personal Information Protection Policy" was posted and you can view them on alumni section of our home page.

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