What is IAI curriculum?

The IAI Curriculum at Hokkaido University started in 2007. The program provides a unique opportunity to learn the cryospheric and polor regions, which take a crucial role in the global environment. The study field includes Antarctic ice sheet, Southern Ocean, glaciers, sea ice, ice core, cryospheric climate, polar biological systems, snow and ice.
The program consists of three components, special lectures on Antarctic science given by leading researchers in cryospheric science, field courses organized in Hokkaido and Switzerland, and lectures given as a curriculum of the Graduate School of Environmental Sciences.

Structure of the IAI Curriculum

IAI Curriculum and Diploma Antarctic Science (cric to enlarge)

The IAI curriculum is open to all graduate students in Hokkaido University. Students who are interested in Antarctica, polar regions, high mountains, snow and ice are most welcome.The IAI curriculum in Hokkaido University is offered as a part of International Antarctic Institute lead by University of Tasmania. You can study more in the lectures and courses organized by other IAI institutions in the world.

Diploma of Antarctic Science

Students who earn a certain amount of credits from the IAI curriculum will be awarded the Diploma of Antarctic Science from the Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University. You can earn this certificate independently from master degrees from your own department. The diploma certifies that you acquired a broad range of knowledge and experiences on cryospheric and polar sciences.

Requirements for the Diploma of Antarctic Science: