Special Lecture on Antarctic Science I

Fifty years has passed since the first comprehensive Antarctic expeditions began. Cryosphere nowadays is changing and the observations have been revealed its rapid climate changes. Based on the outcomes of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expeditions, this course aims to describe the changing Antarctica and get a comprehensive knowledge of the global climate change and its impact on ecosystems.

Special Lecture on Antarctic Science II

Antarctic and Arctic regions are very sensitive to the changes in global climate conditions. Thus, studying the polar regions sheds light on the recent global scale climate changes. This lecture is offered by two leading scientists in the field of polar science invited from foreign institutes.

For the second semester, Heinz Blatter from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology teaches glaciology and climate sciences, and Wilhelm Hagen from University of Bremen teaches polar biology. Students will learn the most recent and important research topics in this scientific field. The lecture also gives students an opportunity to take a lecture in English and to communicate with foreign scientists.

Hokkaido University-ETH E-Lectures

Hokkaido University and ETH offer "tele-teaching" to the students to the other unversities. We use an internet conference system to offer an opportunity to interactively learn from a professor in the other side of the world. Cooperation between two leading institutes in cryospheric science keep the quality of the lectures at the global highest level.

Curretly, following lectures are offered in Hokkaido University and ETH Zurich:

1. Special Lecture on Antarctic Science II
by Prof. Heinz Blatter (ETH)
2. Advanced Course in Ice Physics
by Prof. Takeo Hondoh (Hokkaido Univ.)
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Curriculum for English-speaking students

For students from all over the world, including Japanese students wishing to work internationally in the future, a part of the curriculum is done in English environment. Moreover, the lectures are by professors having much worldwide experience. Thus, the programs can also improve the students' international communication skills. If you are a foreign student interested in the cryosphere, do not hesitate to join us!