2009 IFES-GCOE International Field Short Course at Yakutsk
ヤクーツクにおけるIFES-GCOE 国際野外実習(サマースクール)の報告


Voices from participants

  • This is an awesome training course! Everyday, I exchanged ideas and thoughts with different countries, and enjoyed lives with them. This course greatly broaden my knowledge. Meanwhile, the different aspects of global worming studies helps me think more thoroughly. At last, simple life (no cable, no call phone), but fruitful scientific learning and magic international nights!  (H.Q.G)
  • I wish coordinators to develop this form of education for post graduate students especially. Quite effective to get current theory and practice for real field work. (Pyu)
  • A fruitful course which requires whole part of my capacity from muscle till heart!! (J.F.)
  • It was a good time to work with other foreign people, and it was a nice experience! (A.U.)
  • The summer school is very good experience in live of young scientist. During 1 week you can get much experience in study English and culture of different countries, very wide chances of lectures were in this school! LET'S TRY TO JOIN. (Bruanin S.V.)
  • Excellent short summer school! Unique experiences! Amazing organizing work! Thanks very much. ( Z. NN)
  • You all are very great  (N. K.)
  • This type of program are very helpful for graduate students. (M. S.)
  • This field course is a must for all young ecologists or physiologists. It had been a fantastic experience for me, to go from the tropics to near arctic area. This exposure to a different environment, food, culture and people was one of the best in my life. I also leant much about the boreal ecosystem, and I will put this new knowledge to good use in future. (KM)
  • Keep in touch! (Alexandra)
  • This short course is important to life experience and English training! Thank you very much! (N. Z. )
  • You can learn many tips in the field. Those are different from what you've learned by indoor studies. (G. I)
  • Field short course is good experience. (S.T.)
  • It's the best possibility for studying new methods, approaches , for experience of field work. Thank you very much for this chance! (E.V.Sh.)
  • No field work, No summer school. (T.Y.)
  • All was very interesting! Let's see again! (Sh. N.)
  • Please remember the IWAHANA-MAN, then you can forget all other things! (Y. H. )
  • Please participate in next "Summer School" and don't forget things from and about your country, for present your country. Also take with you, your ideas and modern proposal. Good luck in your future scientific work!!! (R. P)