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Prof. Youhei Yamashita was awarded the Nishida Prize by Japan Geoscience Union


Associate Professor Youhei Yamashita (Division of Earth System Science, Biogeochemistry Course; Faculty of Environmental Earth Science) was selected as the 5th winner of the Nishida Prize by Japan Geoscience Union. The awards ceremony was held on Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2023. Nishida Prize is given to a researcher who have achieved outstanding research results in the field of earth and planetary sciences based on new ideas, and who are highly regarded internationally. His biogeochemical studies on the optical traits and dynamics of dissolved organic matter in the hydrosphere has been highly regarded, which led to this award.

Prof. Yamashita has been engaged in research on the dynamics of non-living organic matter using chemical methods. In the award’s description, he is highly praised as “a pioneer in the field of chemical analysis of dissolved organic matter in the hydrosphere to evaluate the environmental dynamics at the molecular level by developing methods.” His achievements include the finding of the long-range transport of iron in the ocean by humic-like fluorescent dissolved organic matter complexes with iron, and the environmental dynamics of dissolved black carbon in the ocean, mainly produced by biomass and fossil fuel combustion.

Congratulations to Prof. Yamashita!

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