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Mid-term online presentation 5/18


Announcement of mid-term online presentation of Master’s thesis
Division of Environmental Science Development

It is unfortunate that we will not be able to hold normal style mid-term presentation of Master’s thesis on May 18 because of nationwide spread of Nobel Coronavirus and the declaration of emergency state. We therefore decided to hold it by on-demand style as instructed below. Registered presenters need to submit their presentation files by the following instruction. Every graduate student is requested to watch all the presentation files and to submit their questions and comments by the deadline. Your support will be important for the success of this new attempt.

[To presenters]
1. How to do your presentations?
Mid-term presentations will be evaluated by watching your presentation files consisting of slides and narrations created by presentation software (e.g., MS PowerPoint). Your presentation files can be accessible from May 18 09:00 to 20 17:00 at our website.
2. How to create your presentation files?
Our traditional oral presentation consists of 10-minute presentation and 5-minute Q&A. Therefore, your narrated presentation file should not exceed 10 minutes. This time, we will not have 5-minute Q&A, but we will have Q&A in written format. The following website will tell you how to create your narrated presentation by MS PowerPoint.
Record a slide show with narrations and slide timings
Presentation files including high-resolution images, such as those of remote sensing and photos are often too big to handle. We advise you to compress your files before submission.
3. How to submit your files?
Your files are most probably too large to send by attached files. We recommend you to use any big file transfer services such as ELMS or “WeTransfer”. Please send your files to ESD office p by the deadline below. You can also store your file at Google Drive and share it with shiraiwa’s.
4. Deadline of file submission
May 14 (Thursday) 17:00

[To audiences (all the graduate students)]
1. How to watch the file?
All the files will be accessible from 09:00, May 18 to 17:00, May 20 at the following website. Please download all the files and watch them carefully. Every presentation file contains unpublished information and they are copyrighted. It is therefore strictly prohibited to use or upload any parts of the files to SNS. Please delete all the files from your computers after you watch them.

2. How to submit your questions and comments?
You are requested to ask questions (if any) and give comments to the presentations. Please make your comments not only on the quality of the study but also on the way of the presentation. You may make your comments basic and frank questions. You do not need to give comments to all the presentations. A simple comment like “Good presentation” is not useful for presenters. Please indicate what point is good. Please write your comments and questions in the attached Excel sheet and submit to your supervisors by an attachment file by the following deadline. All the presenters are requested to answer the questions and comments. We will show how we open the presenter’s answers shortly.
3. Deadline of submission of the comment sheet
May 20 (Thursday) 17:00

Please contact your supervisors or members of education committee (Prof. Yamanaka, Prof. Noro, Associate Prof. Sato and Associate Prof. Shiraiwa) if you have any questions.

Chief of Education Committee
Takayuki Shiraiwa

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