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The 9th Matsuno Environmental Science Award recipients


We are pleased to announce that the following 4 recipients have been selected as recipients of the 9th Matsuno Environmental Science Award. Congratulation! The award ceremony will be held after the degree conferment ceremony in September.

Deha Agus Umarhadi (Division of Environmental Science Development)

Tropical peat subsidence rates are related to decadal LULC changes: Insights from InSAR analysis, Umarhadi, D. A., Widyatmanti, W., Kumar, P., Yunus, A. P., Khedher, K., M., Kharrazi, A., & Avtar, Ram, Science of The Total Environment, 816, 151561 (2022)

Reasons for selection (PDF in Japanese) Selected Paper (external link)

Yuichi Fukutomi (Division of Biosphere Science)

Transcriptome analysis reveals wingless regulates neural development and signaling genes in the region of wing pigmentation of a polka‐dotted fruit fly, Yuichi Fukutomi, Shu Kondo, Atsushi Toyoda, Shuji Shigenobu, Shigeyuki Koshikawa, The FEBS Journal, 288, 115-126 (2021)

Reasons for selection (PDF in Japanese) Selected Paper (external link)

Shuntaro Hata (Division of Earth System Science)

Abrupt drainage of Lago Greve, a large proglacial lake in Chilean Patagonia, observed by satellite in 2020, Shuntaro Hata, Shin Sugiyama, Kosuke Heki, Communications Earth & Environment, 3, 190 (2022)

Reasons for selection (PDF in Japanese) Selected Paper (external link)

Yuki Saito (Division of Environmental Materials Science)

Self-promoted solid-state covalent networking of Au25(SR)18 through reversible disulfide bonds. A critical effect of the nanocluster in the oxidation processes, Yuki Saito, Yukatsu Shichibu, Katsuaki Konishi, Nanoscale, 13, 9971-9977 (2021)

Reasons for selection (PDF in Japanese) Selected Paper (external link)

About the Matsuno Environmental Science Award

This award is funded by a donation from Prof. Taro Matsuno, who received the Blue Planet Prize 2013, and is intended to honor students who have conducted outstanding research at the Graduate School of Environmental Science.

Award medal
The bench in front of the entrance of the graduate school has the same design as the medal. Did you know that its design is a map of the world?

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