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Call for Participants in JENESYS PROGRAM 2010

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Call for Participants in JENESYS PROGRAM 2010


An Educational Program for the Leader in Environmental Protection on the basis of Laboratory Works and Fields Works

The summary of the program:This program is one of JENESYS (the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) programs supported by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization). The aim of this program is to bring up the leaders having internationality and wide scope visions in the field of environmental protection under the conduction of Graduate School of Environmental Science (GSES) of Hokkaido University. In order to acquire the concepts of environmental protection, the basic and advanced knowledge and technologies for environmental monitoring, environmental evaluation and environmental remediation methods will be learned through this program under the supervision of scientists in the laboratories of GSES, Hokkaido University. In addition, through the seminars and lectures prepared for this program, students will understand global environment problems, an environmental difference between Tropical Zone and Temperate Zone, and the difference of the action to the environmental problems in each country. Students in this program will take part in interchanging with Japanese researchers and students in the nature of the Temperate Zone area (a cool and warm band including snow season).
We hope that this program leads to the entrance into Doctoral Course in Hokkaido University to become an excellent engineer and/or scientist in your country. (The detail of the program should be referred in an attached sheet.)

The period of the program: From October 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011
The recruitment number of people: Six students from Indonesia, India and the Philippines in total
Qualifications of application (Eligibility)

  1. (a) The person who is a student of master's course in University of his/her country during this program.
    (b) The person who is within one year after graduation from college, university or after master's degree completion of University of his/her country at the first of Oct. 2010.
    (c) Excellent undergraduate students also can apply to this program, if he/she has a strong motivation to study environmental science and to go to master course.
  2. The person who have a great interests in environmental conservation and remediation.
  3. The person who hopes to be researcher and engineer in the field of the environmental science in the future.
  4. The person who can understand and speak English.

Financial supports: Following financial supports will be provided to a student employed in this program

_1)_ A scholarship 130,000JPY/month
_2)_ Voyage costs 260,000JPY
_3)_ The tuition Free (supported by JASSO)
_4)_ The domestic travel expenses for trainings 100,000JPY (Maximum)
_5)_ The dormitory The dormitories owned by Hokkaido University during the studying abroad period will be mediated as many as possible. The students will pay the rents (about 8,000 to 14,000 JPY /month).

Application for the program:Applicants are required to submit the documents listed below. The documents should not be written in a language other than English.

  1. A curriculum vitae with one your photograph taken within 3 months
  2. Certificate of academic transcripts
  3. Graduation certificate of master course in your University (if you are within one year after master's degree completion ); Graduation certificate of undergraduate in your University (if you are a master course student)
  4. Essay for the reason why you hope to attend to this program within 800 words.
  5. TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS score (if available)

Application period: Until June 18, 2010

Submission: The documents prepared will be sent to Admission office for Academic/Education, Graduate School of Environmental Science Hokkaido University (gakujutu (at) by e-mail. When you will send them, please write the subject tile as "JENESYS program" in your e-mail.


An Educational Program of Leaders for Environmental Conservation on the basis of Laboratory Trainings and Seminars in Japan

Contents of the program
◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

This program is to bring up the leaders having internationality and wide scope visions in the field of environmental conservation. The program consists of the environmental research, lectures, laboratory training courses and seminars as shown as follows. During six months of this program, the participants will learn the basic concepts and technologies for environmental monitoring, environmental conservation, and environmental remediation through the lectures and laboratory trainings. The participants will also take part in some seminars to exchange the information on environmental science and to interchange with Japanese researchers and students. In addition, a short term research on environmental conservation, remediation and so on will be performed under the supervision of researchers of Graduate School of Environmental Science (GSES), Hokkaido University.

  1. Special research on environmental science
    Each student will belong to each laboratory of GSES during this program. Under the supervision of each researcher, the research concerning environmental conservation and remediation will be carried out in each laboratory. In the end of the program, the results obtained by the research will be presented in front of all teachers. The researchers of Division of Environmental Science Development of GSES will mainly supervise these researches.
  2. Laboratory and fields works
    A) Laboratory trainings of environmental analysis consisting of basic and advanced chemical experiments、instrumental analyses、physiology and cell biology (Indonesian and Japanese teaching assistants will support you during the trainings.)
    B) Trainings Course of Environmental Material Chemistry
    C) Method for International Communication
    D) Training in Experimental Forest or Marine Station
  3. Seminars
    A) Subject Seminar for Environmental Remediation
    B) Tour Seminar for Environmental Remediation : The inspection of environmental facilities and plants in Hokkaido for drinking water, sewage and garbage incineration. The problems in each plant will be discussed after the inspection.
    C) Environmental Science Seminar in English
  4. Lectures
    A) Basic Lecture for Environmental Science
    B) Advanced Course in Environmental Remediation
    C) Advanced Course in Dynamics of Global Warming
    D) Advanced Course in International Communication Methods
    E) Biochemical Resources

The detail of JENESYS program in the last year can be found in the home page of our graduate school [].