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Deterioration of the environment is taking place at a global scale. We are faced with problems such as global warming, endocrine disruptors, increase in ultraviolet ray, air pollution, acid rain, eutrophication of the sea and so on.

These problems are caused by the interactions between the geosphere and biosphere. It is necessary to approach these problems by integrating various disciprines. We built Graduate School of Environmental Science to produce high educated researchers and specialists who can tackle in these crucial and urgent subjects. Our former organization 'Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science' cooperating with Institute of Low Temperature Science, Research Institute for Electronic Science and Catalysis Research Center, had been working to clarify and resolve environmental problems. On the other hand, Graduate School of Fisheries Science and Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere had been working on the field of Environmental Science, too.Hokkaido University, therefore, with the help of National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, integrated professors from these organizations and built a new school "Graduate School of Earth Science" to provide essential education.

Our school has "Division of Environmental Science Development" which has characteristic of objective-oriented and discipline-integrated, this division cooperates with other 3 divisions ("Division of Earth System Science", "Division of Biosphere Science", "Division of Environmental Materials Science"). For tackling environmental problems, we aim to clarify the system of environment and its interaction with biological production. We also aim to make sustainable social system.

This education system is the practice of our COE program in the graduate school education. We vow to work as hard as we should to educate new specialists.


♦ Division of Environmental Science: A new education system by integrating multi-disciplinary approaches of solving urgent problems.
♦ Division of Earth System Science, Biosphere Science and Materials Science: Teaching fundamental subjects of environmental science.

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