Application for Certificates

Processing time for issuing certifications is 2 working days. Basically you can receive it at Kyomu desk in the afternoon of 2 working days after you apply. However, it will take about a week for the Certificate of Degree Conferral to be issued. We will mail it after issuing each certification.  ◆Download Application Form for CertificatesDownload Application for the Certificate of degree conferral'

【How to apply( Current Students)】
 (1) Automatic Certification Machine(ACM)(Japanese Certification Only Weekdays 9:00〜18:00)  (2) Apply at our desk(Weekdays 8:30〜17:00)  (3) Apply by mail <Certificates that can be issued>  Certificate of Enrollment(★)  JR Student discount ticket(Up to 10 sheets each year)(★)  Health Certificate(★)  Transcript  Certificate of prospected Completion(※)  Certificates of Academic records for teacher's course  ★ACM   ※Supervisor's signature and stamp is needed on the application form
【How to apply(Alumni)】
 (1) Apply at Kyomu (Academic Affairs Section) Desk    Office Hour : 8:30-17:00 Weekdays     Please submit ‘Application Form for Certificates’ after you fill out. The application form is available at our desk. If you request certificates to be sent by mail, please bring a stamped addressed envelope on your application.  (2) Apply by mail <Certificates that can be issued>  Transcript  Certificate of Completion  Other Certificates (Credit Transcript, Certificate for Academic Skill etc.)  Certificate of Degree Conferral (Those who are PhD.)
【Common matter】
■Apply by mail■ Please enclose [Application Form for Certificates]and stamped addressed envelope.  ◆Envelope sizes   ・Up to 3 copies ------ (120mm ×235mm: )accommodates folded A4 size   ・From 4 copies ----- (240mm×332m:) accommodates A4 size  ◆Stamp fees   ・one copy: 80 yen   ・2 to 3 copies: 90 yen   ・4 to 8 copies: 140 yen   ※If you request it to be sent by express mail, please add 270 yen stamps, and write ‘Express mail’ on a return envelope. Please contact us if you would like to know your stamp fee in advance.  ◆Please Note:   ○Please make sure to apply well in advance considering processing time. We mail certificates after receiving your envelope.   ○There is no charge for issuing certificates. We only ask you for mailing fee.   ○We do not pay stamps for another.   ○We do not mail overseas.   ○Transcript (Japanese) will only be sealed up in envelope. If you request other certificates to be sealed up, please ask when you apply.   ○If you have any difficulties to print the application forms above, you can apply by mail. (Or applying by email in advance and sending a stamped addressed envelope is also acceptable.) Please describe below when you mail to apply; -Your name -Birth date (Year/ Month/ Date) -Completed year and month and competed division -Contact phone number / email address -Kinds of certificates you apply, Japanese or English, number of copies -Purpose of use **When you apply for the certificate of degree conferral, please also include following items. -Diploma Number -Nationality -Current address -Date of degree conferred -Thesis title (Japanese title is needed)
■Apply & Inquiry■
Academic Affairs Section (Kyomu Tantou) Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University Kita 10 Nishi 5, Kita ku, Sapporo 060-0810 TEL:011−706−2204,2205 Email:

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University