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EES : JICA Development Studies Program
 投稿日時: 2022-04-18 13:39:05 (844 ヒット)

JICA Development Studies Program

Program Outline
Japan had suffered from severe environmental problems such as pollutions during high economic growth period. Currently we reached highest environmental standard in the world. We aim to foster leaders in the field of environmental science and administration by providing education on history of environmental field in Japan, environmental law, restoration techniques, process of environmental administration, and current method of environmental management.


JICA-DSP information in the web site of JICA

Program overview


Outline of Subjects

Fundamental Course in Environmental Science
 The objectives of this course are, to learn several basic and introductory issues in the environmental science and to understand the current environmental problems such as ecosystem and land use.

Introduction to Global Environmental Management
 In this lecture class, international issues of various environmental problems including Japanese experiences are taken up and discussed them with students from various countries. The problems are shared with each other and the measurements to protect the environments are discussed.

Advanced Course in Environmental Pollution Comparison
 The main participants of this course should be international students who are responsible for protecting environments for the next generations of industrially developing countries. In this lecture, students will understand the geology, geography and natural environment of their own countries and learn from both success and failure experiences in Japan and other countries.

Introduction to Renewable Energy
 Installation of renewable energy may contribute to reduce CO2 emission and creating jobs locally while the unregulated installation may damage ecosystem, and water and food resources. Therefore, the installation needs to be verified from various viewpoints after assessing sufficiently the energy potentials and impacts to the environment. Referring to the precedents and development experiences inside or outside of Japan, this lecture will help understand comprehensively current situations and issues of renewable energy by recognizing characteristics of each energy source.

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University