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EES : English Program of Environmental Earth Science for a Sustainable Society (EPEES)
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English Program of Environmental Earth Science for a Sustainable Society (EPEES)

Globalization has caused various environmental issues around the world that often transcend borders. In order to solve these problems, to conserve the earth’s precious environment for future generations and to build up a sustainable society, this program is intended to foster the development of professionals and researchers who can contribute to the protection of global and local environments based on extensive knowledge, global perspectives and the ability to act practically using their expertise. Graduates are expected to understand different cultures, customs and values, and to be able to cope with environmental problems in collaboration with researchers and experts from various countries. The program involves practical education in English through classes, work and seminars with the aim of seeking ways to maintain and enhance the sustainability of the earth’s system. Students adopt a main theme for their Master’s or Doctoral thesis under a supervisor, and simultaneously study a sub-research topic from a different field within a study group. This approach fosters the ability to judge international environmental problems appropriately on the basis of interdisciplinary focus.

What is EPEES?
EPEES is a Graduate School of Environmental Science (GSES) English program with Master’s and Doctoral courses.
●The program is intended to foster the development of professionals and researchers who can contribute to solve international environmental problems with extensive knowledge and global perspectives.
●The program is conducted entirely in English.
●The program is run by the Division of Environmental Science Development in
conjunction with three other GSES divisions.
Pre-arrival Admission may be offered on the program.

Special Research for Theses
Students perform two or three years of special research under a supervisor on a main topic chosen from the fields of study listed below:
Fields of Study
Human and Ecological Systems, Environmental Adaptation Science, Practical Science for the Environment, Global Environmental Management (Division of Environmental Science Development)
Biogeochemistry, Atmosphere-Ocean and Climate Dynamics, Cryosphere Science (Division of Earth System Science)
Biodiversity Science, Ecological Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Ecology, Animal Ecology, Marine Biogeochemistry and Biology, Aquatic Biology, Forest Field Science, Agro-Ecosystem Science (Division of Biosphere Science)
Biomaterials Chemistry, Environmental Nano-Materials, Molecular Photonics and
Electronics Science, Environmental Catalytic Chemistry (Division of Environmental Materials Science)

Completion Requirements



JICA Development Studies Program

Voice of EPEES alumni

Prof. Dr. Tatsufumi Okino (program supervisor)
E-mail: okino @ ees.hokudai.ac.jp

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