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Special Grant : Special Grant Program for International Students (October 2018)
 投稿日時: 2018-05-17 12:00:00 (3734 ヒット)
Special Grant

Special Grant Program for International Students / Research Assistant Program of Graduate School of Environmental Science (October 2018)

This program will select students, who can likely contribute internationally in their research field, from those students applying to doctoral courses of Graduate School of Environmental Science.

It is very meaningful to participate in research as a Research Assistant (RA) for the development of your research ability. Each Research Assistant must serve to achieve the objective of a research subject directed by a faculty member of the Graduate School of Environmental Science. The research subjects are listed below.


Maximum 3 years since the first year although the achievement of the objective must be evaluated each year by the committee of the faculty.

Qualifications of application (Eligibility):

Students (mainly from developing countries) who are going to seek admission to the doctor courses of Graduate School of Environmental Science.

Payment Exemption / RA Allowance:

Payment Exemption: Total amount of school fees are entirely covered by Hokkaido University (i.e., entrance exam fee of 30,000 yen, admission fee of 282,000 yen, and annual tuition fee of 535,800 yen for each of three years). RA Allowance (depending on the actual working time): Total: 3 million yen (1 million yen for each of three years)

Travel expenses of entrance exam should be paid by applicant.

Application Period

Until June 20 Wednesday, 2018

Application for the program:

Applicants are required to submit the documents listed below. The documents should not be written in a language other than English.

  1. Curriculum vitae with the applicant's photograph

  2. Academic transcript

  3. Graduation certificate

  4. List of publications and presentations in scientific meetings

  5. Research proposal

  6. Direction and comments of potential supervisor and at least one co-supervisor, including proofs of communication between you and the potential supervisors

  7. Master's thesis or other documents in proof of your research ability

Reference and address to apply


Graduate School of Environmental Science

Hokkaido University

Kita 10, Nishi 5, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0810 Japan

E-mail: kyomu (at) ees.hokudai.ac.jp

List of possible research subjects (2018)

Title: Screening of native aquatic plants for phytoremediation of toxic elements in the Southeast Asian

Associate Professor: Kazuhiro Toyoda

Because a variety of species exist in aquatic plants which differ in toxic element accumulation factors depending on various growth environments and life-forms, it remains still unknown of research on species of aquatic plants effective for phytoremediation and the habitat environments. This research is aimed at exploring native aquatic plant species available for environmental restoration of toxic-element-polluted water areas, especially in Southeast Asia.

Title: Study of paleoclimate in tropical regions during the Pleistocene

Associate Professor Masanobu Yamamoto

Coupling or decoupling of Earth’s surface temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is an important issue of paleoclimatology. To answer the question, this program aims at reconstructing long term changes in tropical ocean temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration during the Miocene to Pleistocene by analyzing biomarkers and foraminifera in sediment cores retrieved by International Ocean Discovery Program Expeditions 353 and 363.

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University