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場所:地球環境 D101教室

Julius Adam V. Lopez
Fina Fransisca
Vipin A,K
Satya Candra Wibawa Sakti
Maria Charmela D. Ates
Awaluddin Nurmiyanto
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Call for Participants in JENESYS PROGRAM 2010

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An Educational Program for the Leader in Environmental Protection on the basis of Laboratory Works and Fields Works

The summary of the program:This program is one of JENESYS (the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) programs supported by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization). The aim of this program is to bring up the leaders having internationality and wide scope visions in the field of environmental protection under the conduction of Graduate School of Environmental Science (GSES) of Hokkaido University. In order to acquire the concepts of environmental protection, the basic and advanced knowledge and technologies for environmental monitoring, environmental evaluation and environmental remediation methods will be learned through this program under the supervision of scientists in the laboratories of GSES, Hokkaido University. In addition, through the seminars and lectures prepared for this program, students will understand global environment problems, an environmental difference between Tropical Zone and Temperate Zone, and the difference of the action to the environmental problems in each country. Students in this program will take part in interchanging with Japanese researchers and students in the nature of the Temperate Zone area (a cool and warm band including snow season).
We hope that this program leads to the entrance into Doctoral Course in Hokkaido University to become an excellent engineer and/or scientist in your country. (The detail of the program should be referred in an attached sheet.)


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An Educational Program of Leaders for Environmental Conservation on the basis of Laboratory Trainings and Seminars
インドネシアから5名の参加者が9月29日に来日 GENESYS


  • Nidya Ravenska (パランカラヤ大学)
  • Delvira Jayatri P. (イスラムインドネシア大学)
  • Lina Mahardiani (ガジャマダ大学)
  • Aster Rahayu (アンダラス大学)
  • Tania Avianda Gusman (ガジャマダ大学)


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Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University