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Graduate School of Environ. Sci.
Division of Environmental Materials Science
Hokkaido University
N10W5 Sapporo
Hokkaido 060-0810

Division of Environmental Materials Science

Akira ONODA, Division Director
Environmental pollution and environmental destruction are serious problems throughout the world. In order to resolve these problems, comprehensive chemistry-based research and understanding of the natural environment are essential, because chemical reactions are the basis of all natural phenomena. The Division of Environmental Materials Science conducts cutting-edge research and special education on the distribution and activity of chemical substances involved in environmental problems and on the development of novel methods for environmental remediation and environmental protection. We foster students' talents so that students can play a central role in problem solving.

Course in Biomaterials Chemistry
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry
Marine Natural Product Chemistry
Electroanalytical Chemistry
Course in Environmental Nano-Materials
Environmental Electrochemistry
Supramolecular Chemistry
Environmental Catalysis?
Course in Molecular Photonics and Electronics Science
Molecular Photonics
Molecular Electronics
Photoexcitation Dynamics
Course in Environmental Catalytic Chemistry
Surface Science

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