Course in Molecular Photonics and Electronics Science

Takayoshi NAKAMURA, (Specially Appointed) Prof., Kiyonori TAKAHASHI, Assistant Prof.,
Chen XUE, Assistant Prof., Rui-Kang HUANG, Assistant Prof.,
Jiabing WU, Assistant Prof.

Laboratory HP

Molecular Electronics, Molecular Ferroelectrics, Molecular Mangetism

Focusing on the electronic structure, spin arrangement, and polarization structure of molecular assemblies, we are developing next-generation molecular materials based on the various phenomena (electrical conduction, ionic conduction, magnetism, and dielectric properties) induced by these structures. In particular, we focus on dynamic processes such as molecular rotation and translation of supramolecular cations composed of cations and crown ether derivatives in crystals, and develop new functions based on the ordered structures induced by dynamic processes.
Specifically, we are developing high-performance dielectrics with the potential to be used as memory devices and multifunctional materials with multiple functions that are cross correlated, such as multiferroics

Vasudevan Pillai BIJU,Prof.、Yuta TAKANO, Associate Prof.
Takuya OKAMOTO, Assistant Prof.

Laboratory HP

Photofunctional Nanomaterials and Molecules、Single-Molecule Fluorescence、
Single-Particle Detections、Nano and Molecular Sensors、Electron Transfer Systems

We study and develope functional nanomaterials and photofunctional molecules to solve various problems in energy, environment, and biological sciences. The properties of the developed materials and molecules are investigated at the single-molecule and single-particle level using advanced laser spectroscopy techniques.