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Master’s thesis online presentation 2/10&12


Dear ESD members

Attached please find the timetable and abstract of the master’s thesis presentations scheduled onShuron20210212.pdf12th. The session will be held via online meeting system. Please read the instructions below and attend the session. Your attendance is mandatory. If you have fair reasons to be absent from the event, please consult your supervisor in advance.

・Switch off your camera. ”Mute” your microphone except when asking questions.
・Use “Raise Hand” option for asking questions.
・Please submit your comment sheet to your supervisor by e-mail after finishing all presentations on the 12th. When filling the comment sheet, please be reminded the following points.
*Please make your comments not only on the quality of the study but also on the way of the presentation. You may make your comments basic and frank questions.
**You do not have to write your comments to all the presenters.
***A simple comment like “Good presentation” is not useful for a presenter. Please indicate what point is good.

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