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環境起学専攻 教員・学生の皆様


Dear All,
Pleased be informed that our Ph. D Dissertation Defenses will be held as follows.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

Candidate:宋雨桐 Song Yutong
Date :July 27 (Mon.) 10:00? 
Venue:D201 Graduate School of Environmental Science
Title: Inhibitory effect of grape skin extracts on DNA damage caused by UV irradiation and development of cosmetics using the waste skin
Committee members: 露崎先生、沖野先生、野呂先生、藤井先生、奥野 勉先生(北海道大学客員教授)、蔵崎

Candidate: HUYHN Hong Thi Cam
Date: July 27 (Mon.) 13:00?14:30
Title: Roles of mangrove ecosystem in the sustainability of communities in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: a case study in Soc Trang and Bac Lieu provinces
Committee members: Profs. Tatsufumi Okino, Teiji Watanabe, Masaaki Kurasaki, Ram Avtar, Rajarshi Dasgupta (IGES), Masahiko Fujii
審査委員(敬称略):沖野龍文、渡辺悌二、藏崎正明、Ram Avtar、Rajarshi Dasgupta(地球環境戦略研究機関 (IGES))、藤井賢彦

Candidate:Md. Shiblur Rahaman
Date : July 30 (Thu.) 10:00? 
Venue: D101 Graduate School of Environmental Science
Title: Alleviation of arsenic-induced toxicity by curcumin and D-pinitol, the main components of the herbs commonly used in Bangladesh, and their mechanism
Committee members::沖野先生、野呂先生、豊田先生、根岸先生、斎藤先生(保健科学研究院)、蔵崎

Candidate:Jakia Jerin Mehjabin
Date : August 4 (Tue.) 14:45?16:30
Venue: D-101 Graduate School of Environmental Science
Title: Studies on new secondary metabolites from the marine cyanobacterium Moorea bouillonii collected in Sabah, Malaysia
Committee members:森川先生、梅澤先生、野呂先生、蔵崎先生、沖野

Candidate:Mst Kaniz Fatima Binte Hossain 
Date : August 5 (Wed.) 10:00?
Venue: D201 Graduate School of Environmental Science
Title: Ameriorative mechanism of dietary components on cadmium and mercury- induced toxicities in PC12 cells
(PC12 細胞におけるカドミウムまたは水銀によって引き起こされる毒性に対する食物成分の改善メカニズム)
Committee members:沖野先生、露崎先生、鈴木先生、藤井先生、斎藤先生(保健科学研究院)、蔵崎

Candidate:神志穂 (環境起学専攻 博士後期課程3年) Shiho Jin (DC3, Division of Environmental Science Development)
Date :August 7 (Fri.) 13:00?14:30
Venue:D201 Graduate School of Environmental Science
Title:個人的コミュニケーションに注目したリソ?ート企業と地域の関係の再考: 北海道占冠村て?の2つの事例研究
(Revisit to a relationship between a resort company and local community focusing on the personal communications: Two case studies in Shimukappu Village in Hokkaido, Japan)
Committee members:山中康裕、渡邊悌二、平田貴文、林琢也 (大学院文学研究院)

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