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Questionnaire for 2010 IFES-GCOE Field Summer School, Mongolia

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Q9. What was the most interesting for you? How was your impression about the summer school?

  • Most interesting thing >> work with every kind of person

  • About the summer school >> Nice

  • Mongolian view I have never seen changed my way thinking, seeing and viewing.

  • Nature and kindly people in Mongolia.

  • For foreign students, it was good chance to researching with scientific travel around Mongolia.

  • Field work, group discussion, report

  • Driving around step, visit to Zaamar and Enderet

  • Very large plain, and road condition. Road condition I think it's bad is good condition for Mongolia. Mongolia people eat meat every meal.

  • Ht was good everything.

  • I made the many kind of friends. I touched the many nature in Mongolia.

  • Field work. Summer school seems to me very effective to learn and share research.

  • It was most interesting for me to do field work and to discuss with other country people.  Thank you very much.

  • take a samples (soil, water and sediment)

  • Do analyze

  • Prepare presentation

  • We have together my group's members.  It's most interesting.

  • Field work is most interesting.