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Questionnaire for 2010 IFES-GCOE Field Summer School, Mongolia

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 About half of participants were Ph. D. students. The nationalities of students were mainly Mongolia and Japan while some students were from China, Russia and Bangladesh. Most of students satisfied the contents of lectures, field/modeling training courses, presentations for group activities and length of summer school. However, there were some difficulties for road conditions, meal and accommodation in Mongolia. They could get many friends through the activities of this summer school. Students pointed out that the most interesting points of this summer school were nature and human in Mongolia as well as the contents of field work. They also mentioned that it was very valuable for them to learn the world outstanding scientific level regarding the environmental science in Mongolia.

We’d like to show you all results of questionnaire in below.




Q1 Grade

Ph.D.Students 50%
Master students 28%
Undergraduate students 5%
Others 17%




Q2 Nationality

Mongolia 39%
Japan 44%
Others 17%




Q3 Information Source

Your supervisor 50%
Personal communication 22%
Someone of Hokkaido University 17%
Webpage 6%
Poster 5%


|Q1-3| Q4| Q5| Q6| Q7| Q8| Q9|