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25-26 July: Presentation of each group and Completion ceremony

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All students analyzed the data and prepared the presentation using the data during 7 days field/modeling training course at each group separately. As it was very limited time, students of some group continued their work until the midnight. The presentation of each group was well summarized what they learn during training course although the style of presentation was different for each group. There were many questions and active dis-cussions to the presentations by the participated students. In the session for the presentation for research of students, they discussed very actively. Finally, all students received the certificate for completion of summer school. After the ceremony, every participant participates to the farewell party and they were reluctant to leave other par-ticipants who become friends during summer school.


Preparation for presentation

Practice for presentation




Question for presentation



Completion ceremony

Group photo with completion certificate



Farewell party

Chatting at farewell party

Dancing at farewell party



|16-17 July| 18-24 July| 25-26 July|