① Environmental mediation by the convenient method

Electrochemical method, it is a technique friendly to environment.   
-It is the most important for the environmental technology that the method itself is harmless and low-consuming. Most of environmental technique uses chemicals, but a sort of chemical itself is a harmful and produces an another environmental pollution.
On the other hand, environmental pollutant reduces to harmless material by electron instead of chemical, in electrochemical method.

Electrochemical method has many advantages. It does not require a special facility such as a high pressure and temperature but a common condition. Because it is PC-controllable, human operator is not necessary, and that is easy-management.
Electrochemical cell can be designed in any scale to fit into the desired system. Cost is not so high, because the size of electrochemical cell is very small, and facility fee can be saved. Running cost is also very low. Considering total cost on all the detoxification processes, the electrochemical method is a rival to other commercial systems.

Though the environmental technique by using an electrochemical method has many advantages, it had not been paid attention. However, in recent, some of companies and researchers start this innovative technique. Our group focuses on the design of functional electrode material, and aim to lead this field in the world.