Announcement for the Env. Course seminar Jan.28

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Env. Adaptation Sci. : Announcement for the Env. Course seminar Jan.28
投稿者 : kigaku 投稿日時: 2019-01-28 10:33:29 (171 ヒット)
Dear all,

Hello. This is the announcement for the Environmental Adaptation Course seminar and the details are as follows:

Date: January 28, 2019
Time: 16:30 – 18:00
Room: D103

During this seminar, we will have the following presenters and they will get 20 minutes with Q&A.

妹尾: Effects of coexisting zinc on phytofiltration of arsenic using Micranthemum umbrosum in aquatic environment.
(水圏中におけるMicranthemum umbrosumによるヒ素除去に対する共存亜鉛の影響)


平瀬: Removal of Pb(II) from water environments using chitosan-activated carbon-polyvinyl alcohol composites.

If you have any question or if you will be absent from this course seminar, please contact the undersigned persons and cc to prof. Noro .

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Zakia Aktar

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University