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投稿者 : kigaku 投稿日時: 2019-01-10 13:57:44 (84 ヒット)
Dear all,

This is an announcement of GEM course seminar. Please check the details below,

Date: Jan 15 (Tue),
Time: 16:30 - 18: 00
Venue: D101


1. Liu Hao Ran,

Title: "A study on the current status of bicycle sharing and its future development in Sapporo city--the example of foreign tourists."

2. Cui Song,

Title: "Area change of Imja Glacial Lake and retreat of the Imja Glacier,
Nepal Himalaya."

3.Tripathi Saurabh,

Title: "Energy industry induced urbanization."

4. Ralahy Solofonirina Nirisaina,

Title: "Community based assessment related to deforestation issue in the
district of Moramanga Madagascar from Satoyama perpectives."

If you have any questions and/or if you will be absent on that day,
kindly contact me and cc To Prof Masaaki Kurasaki .

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Kaniz Fatima Binte Hossain

TA For GEM Seminar

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University