Environmental Geography Seminar 12/18

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Division Seminar
Division Seminar : Environmental Geography Seminar 12/18
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Dear all,

Good afternoon.

This is an announcement of the upcoming Environmental Geography Seminar.

There will be 5 presenters. One student will do a paper review, and four students will report their study progress.

If you are interested in the topics, please join us.

Please see all the details below.

【Date】18 December. Wed. (Time: 15:00~)

【Place】 D101



(1). Selatni Khadidja (Paper review)

Title: Assessment of spatial distribution of soil heavy metals using ANN-GA, MSLR and satellite imagery
Authors: Arman Nadari, Mohmmad Amir Delavar, Babak Kaboudin, Mohammad Sagdegh Askari
Journal : Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2017 189 (5)
Abstract: Abstract This study aims to assess and compare heavy metal distribution models developed using stepwise multiple linear regression (MSLR) and neural network-genetic algorithm model (ANN-GA) based on satellite imagery. The source identification of heavy metals was also explored using local Moran index. Soil samples (n = 300) were collected based on a grid and pH, organic matter, clay, iron oxide contents cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) concentrations were determined for each sample. Visible/near-infrared reflectance (VNIR) within the electromagnetic ranges of satellite imagery was applied to estimate heavy metal concentrations in the soil using MSLR and ANN-GA models. The models were evaluated and ANN-GA model demonstrated higher accuracy, and the autocorrelation results showed higher significant clusters of heavy metals around the industrial zone. The higher concentration of Cd, Pb and Zn was noted under industrial lands and irrigation farming in comparison to barren and dryland farming. Accumulation of industrial wastes in roads and streams was identified as main sources of pollution, and the concentration of soil heavy metals was reduced by increasing the distance from these sources. In comparison to MLSR, ANN-GA provided a more accurate indirect assessment of heavy metal concentrations in highly polluted soils. The clustering analysis provided reliable information about the spatial distribution of soil heavy metals and their sources.

(2) Liu Weiqi (Study progress)

Title: The need for community involvement in glacial lake research: a case of Imja Glacial Lake Project, Nepal

(3) Yutaro Takada (Study progress)

Title: Analyzing visitor characteristics and movement patterns in Daisetsuzan National Park using GPS loggers

(4) Zhou Jinghui (Study progress)

Title: A comparative study of the national park systems between Chinese mainland and Taiwan: a case of Shennongjia National Park and Taroko National Park

(5) Yu Sugita (Study progress)

Title: Seasonal changes in the distribution of marine litter in the coast of World Natural Heritage "Shiretoko"

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Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University