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Dear all,


This is an announcement of the upcoming Environmental Geography Seminar.

Please see all the details carefully below.

【Date】 24th. July. Wed. (Time: 15:00~)

【Place】 D101


1. Presenters
i. Mohan
Title: Glacier lakes of Eastern Nepal Himalaya: cases from Everest and Kanchanjungha region.

ii. Wangting
Title: A longitudinal study of backcountry track and campsite conditions on the Overland Track, Tasmania, Australia
Author: Grant Dixon; Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 19 (2017) 25-36; http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jort.2017.05.002
The 79 km Overland Track is Tasmania's premier overnight walking track (trail) and one of Australia's best known and most popular backcountry hikes. Trampling impacts (poor track condition) were recognised in the1970s and degraded campsites were a concern by the 1980s. Despite three decades of intermittent works, many sections of track remained in poor condition in the early 2000s, but targeted works since 2006 have addressed many problem areas. Hardening of campsites at selected overnight nodes commenced in 2000 and a reduction in overall camping impacts followed, presumed due to a greater concentration of camping use at the hardened sites despite unrestricted camping still being permitted. Longitudinal monitoring of both track (8 years) and campsite (16–25 years) conditions, using relatively simple techniques, have successfully described the scale and delineated the location of changes in condition and so provided a useful planning tool for management. In particular, it has contributed to documenting a contemporaneous improvement in track and campsite conditions partly associated with a booking system to regulate walker use of the Overland Track, introduced in 2005. Booking fees have contributed to management successes by providing adequate and consistent resourcing for the repair and maintenance of walking track surface infrastructure.
Management implications:
Extensive hardening is an effective way to sustainably manage a moderate to high use walking track that has not been initially well-designed.
Adequate and consistent resourcing for the repair and maintenance of walking track surface infrastructure is necessary to sustainably manage such tracks.
The provision of inviting facilities, including camping platforms, at selected overnight nodes has resulted in a concentration of visitor camping use on a smaller number of campsites, hence reducing the overall impact of camping along the Overland Track.

iii. Michinobu
Title: A GIS-based approach for gully erosion susceptibility modelling using bivariate statistics methods in the Ourika watershed, Morocco
Modeste Meliho1,3 · Abdellatif Khattabi2 · Nadia Mhammdi3
Environmental Earth Sciences (2018) 77:655 https://doi.org/10.1007/s12665-018-7844-1
Gully erosion is an important environmental issue with severe impacts. This study aimed to characterize gully erosion susceptibility and assess the capability of information value (InfVal) and frequency ratio (FR) models for its spatial prediction in Ourika watershed of the High Atlas region of Morocco. These two bivariate statistical methods have been used for gully erosion susceptibility mapping by comparing each data layer of causative factor to the existing gully distribution. Weights to the gully causative factors are assigned based on gully density. Gullies have been mapped through field surveys and Google earth high-resolution images. Lithofacies, land use, slope gradient, length-slope, aspect, stream power index, topographical wetness index and plan curvature were considered predisposing factors to gullying. The digitized gullies were randomly split into two parts. Sixty-five percent (65%) of the mapped gullies were randomly selected as training set to build gully susceptibility models, while the remaining 35% cases were used as validation set for the models’ validation. The results showed that barren and sparse vegetation lands and slope gradient above 50% were very susceptible to gully erosion. The ROC curve was used for testing the accuracy of the mentioned models. The analysis confirms that the FR model (AUC 80.61%) shows a better accuracy than InfVal model (AUC 52.07%). The performance of the gully erosion susceptibility map constructed by FR model is greater than that of the map produced by InfVal model. The findings proved that GIS-based bivariate statistical methods such as frequency ratio model could be successfully applied in gully susceptibility mapping in Morocco mountainous regions and in other similar environments. The produced susceptibility map represents a useful tool for sustainable planning, conservation and protection of land from gully processes.

Keywords Gully erosion · Information value · Frequency ratio · Ourika watershed · Morocco
iv. Shi Muqing
Title: Estimation of freshwater discharge from the Kamchatka Peninsula to its surrounding oceans

v. Xiaojuan
Title: Land cover change in Dongting Lake area of Hunan province of China during 1978 and 2018

2. Note this:

Please send me detailed information about your presentation at least 5 days before your turn.

For a paper review: title and author of the paper, journal name, which volume, pages, also the link (if possible) should be provided.

If a paper written in Japanese is going to be presented, please kindly send me the information both in Japanese and English.


※ In case you are absent from the seminar or late for the seminar, please contact Professors or me in advance. Any absence without permission is not allowed;

※ Please be punctual (very important);

※ Please do your full preparation for the seminar;

※ Your active participation is always appreciated;

※ Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments.

Best Regards,

Chang Liang

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University