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Dear all
Prof. Kurasaki will retire at the end of March, 2021.
As a special GEM seminar, he will give a final lecture in English through zoom.
Celebrate his 35 year research.

GEM course special seminar
Prof. Masaaki Kurasaki

February 16, 2021, 04:30 PM JST



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Dear ESD members

Attached please find the timetable and abstract of the master’s thesis presentations scheduled onSyuron20210210.pdf Wed, Feb. 10th and Shuron20210212.pdf12th. The session will be held via online meeting system. Please read the instructions below and attend the session. Your attendance is mandatory. If you have fair reasons to be absent from the event, please consult your supervisor in advance.

・Switch off your camera. ”Mute” your microphone except when asking questions.
・Use “Raise Hand” option for asking questions.
・Please submit your comment sheet to your supervisor by e-mail after finishing all presentations on the 12th. When filling the comment sheet, please be reminded the following points.
*Please make your comments not only on the quality of the study but also on the way of the presentation. You may make your comments basic and frank questions.
**You do not have to write your comments to all the presenters.
***A simple comment like "Good presentation" is not useful for a presenter. Please indicate what point is good.

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環境起学専攻 教員・学生の皆様

Dear All,
Pleased be informed that our Ph. D Dissertation Defenses will be held as follows.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

1.発表者:福原朗子Fukuhara(環境起学専攻 博士後期課程3年)
日時:2021年1月25日10:00-11:30 延期となりました。Postphoned

タイトル:光音響効果を用いた温室効果を学ぶ実験教材に関する研究 (A Study on development of the educational material to learn greenhouse effect using photoacoustic


2.Candidate: Mr. Atsushi Shimahata
(Global Environmental Management Course)
Date: January 27 (Wed), 2020 3pm - 4:30pm
Venue: via Zoom meeting system

Title: Assessment of the potential to adopt biogas plants in Hokkaido and the environmental and economic benefits based on dairy farmers'

Committee members:
Associate Prof. Masahiko Fujii,
Professor Tatsufumi Okino,
Professor Yasuhiro Yamanaka,
Associate Professor Mamoru Ishikawa,
Professor Kazutaka Umetsu
(Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine)

Contact: Masahiko Fujii

3.発表者 candidate: 小野智郁 Ms. Chifumi Ono
日時と場所:Date & Venue 2月2日(火)Feb/2/2021
10:00-11:30: Zoom Online

ローカルコモンズに着目した自然資源管理に関する研究 −モンゴル牧畜社会を事例として−
A study on natural resource management focused on local commons - A case study of Mongolian pastoral societies

審査委員:Committee Members
沖野龍文 Tatsufumi Okino
山中康裕 Yasuhiro Yamanaka
藤井賢彦 Masahiko Fujii
星野仏方 Buho Hoshino,酪農学園大
石川守 Mamoru Ishikawa,主査

日時:2021年2月2日 13:00-14:30

タイトル:Expertise of graduate school found in environmental education for elementary-school children (小学生に対する環境教育に見られた大学院の専門性に関する研究)


日時:2021年2月2日 15:00-16:30

タイトル:Comprehensive visualization of welfare services for the elderly in a small-sized municipality: a case study of information compiled by the manager of the health and welfare division, Tsurui Village, Hokkaido (小規模自治体における高齢者福祉事業の俯瞰的可視化: 北海道鶴居村保健福祉責任者が集約した情報に関する事例研究)


6.Mr. Manish Ramaiah

It will be held via ZOOM on 3rd February (Wednesday) at 15:00-16:30 pm (Japan time)

Title of his thesis:
Role of Treated wastewater in Mitigating Urbanization Impacts and Maintaining Regulatory Ecosystem Services

Ph D committee members:
Prof. Tatsufumi Okino (Hokkaido University)
Prof. Teiji Watanabe (Hokkaido University)
Prof. Masaaki Kurasaki (Hokkaido University)
Prof. Masahiko Fujii (Hokkaido University)
Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Senior Policy Researcher, Institute for the Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan
Dr. Sohail Ahmad, Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Contact: Ram Avater

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Concerning the Spring Entrance Examination scheduled in March 2021, we will conduct "Submitted Document Examinations" and "Online Examinations" instead of "Written Tests" and "Oral Examinations" to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For detail, please visit this page.

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An online symposium, "Knowledge Sharing Symposium on Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Geoinformatics", will be held on 30th November to 3rd December 2020. The registration is free. If you wish to attend this, please contact the organizer, Prof. Avtar.
Detailed information is available here.

The session program is here.

Knowledge Sharing Symposium on Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Geoinformatics (online)
30 November - 3 December 2020, Hokkaido University, Japan

The purpose of this symposium is to organize one day knowledge sharing technical session to discuss applications of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) in geospatial data for environmental monitoring, followed by three days of hands-on training. The first day of the symposium is fully dedicated to bringing together the researchers and scientists to discuss and share knowledge about the recent development in ML and DP applications in Geoinformatics. This symposium will provide an opportunity to share knowledge, facilitate discussions, and encourage research collaborations in the field of geospatial applications. This symposium will be useful for expanding collaborative research among the participants and discussion on future funding opportunities. The symposium will be followed by a three days hands-on-training to graduate students to learn about ML and DL. This symposium will provide an opportunity to expand the network and research collaborative in the future.
Mode: Online using ZOOM
(If you are interested to participate in symposium and hands-on training please contact to Dr. Ram Avtar for symposium Id and password (

Hokkaido University and Global Land Programme (GLP) Japan Nodal Office

Organizing committee:
Convener: Dr. Ram Avtar (Assistant Professor), Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, Japan

Co-convener: Prof. Teiji Watanabe, Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, Japan; Prof. Olga Tutubalina, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Russia

Advisory Committee: Prof. Junichi Yoneda, Prof. Masashi Ohara, Prof. Shiro Tsuyuzaki, Prof. Hideaki Shibata, Prof. Yuichi Hayakawa, Dr. Ayumi Kotani (Nagoya University), HaRP secretariate

Contact: Dr. Ram Avtar ; +81-011-706-2261

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