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Schedule of Master Thesis

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Division Seminar
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kigaku 2011/11/22 17:57
Here is the schedule of the Master Thesis 2011.

Examiner and Title Due: Jan.12, 2012
Abstract of the Master Thesis Due: Jan.16, 2012
Draft of the Master Thesis: Jan.30, 2012
The Master Thesis Presentation: Feb.6 and 7, 2012
Final of the Master Thesis: Feb.13, 2012

Regarding due dates above, Gakujutu requires you to meet. Please be sure our division will wrap up earlier and check email timely as well.

The supervisor is required to assign examiners in a timely manner. Please remind you of giving notice of the examiner outside campus to Gakujutu by Dec.19, 2011.

Mid-Term -Poster Session【Final】

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Division Seminar
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kigaku 2011/11/18 19:40

Dear All,
Please find the program and the layout of Mid-Term -Poster Session- 2011
on the web site below. Be sure the session members are scheduled to move
desks and chairs in the venue. Let's work together as to the updated timetable.


Date: Nov.25 Fri.
1st Session: 15:00-16:30, 2nd Session: 16:45-18:15 
1st Session: Human/Ecological Systems, Global Environ/Manage,根岸研
2nd Session: Course in PSE, Course in EAS

Place:Centennial Hall ↓map 

1. Schedule:

13:00-13:30 1st session members make panel space moving desks and chairs.

14:45-15:00 Put up posters

15:00-16:30 1st Session

16:30-16:45 Put up posters

16:45-18:15 2nd session
18:15-18:30 Clear panels and return drawing pins.

18:30-19:00 2nd session members and volunteers carry desks and chairs.

**Put aside desks with the faces vertical using handles.
**Put chairs piled up to the front.
**Carry desks and chairs depending on instruction.

2. Presentation Form: Oral Presentation at Each Poster 
**Use drawing pins prepared by the division.
3. Poster Size: width 90cm and height 170cm
**Poster height is applicable to 180cm maximum.
**Poster bonding A4 papers is applicable.

GEM Course Seminar November 15th, Tue

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Global Environment Management
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kigaku 2011/11/12 14:07
Here’s the announcement for our GEM Seminar, to be presented by a visiting researcher from Bangladesh.

Date: November 15, Tuesday
Time: 16:30-18:00
Room: D102
Speaker: Dr. Shafi M. Tareq, Jahangirnagar University
Title: Impact of global warming and Adaptation Strategies: Bangladesh Perspective.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

GEM Course Seminar October 25th, Tue

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Global Environment Management
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kigaku 2011/10/21 15:37
Date: October 25th (Tues)
Room: D102

Theme: Thesis presentations of Ms. Byamba Bolorchimeg and Ms. Evangeline Magdaong.
Contents: Ms. Bolorchimeg will present on the progress of her Master’s research entitled, “Waste Management in Mongolia” while Ms. Magdaong will present her research proposal entitled, “Assessing changes in coral cover in Philippine reefs”.
GEM seminar in this semester will resume on:

Date: October 14, 2011, Friday
Time: 1630-1800
Venue: D103
Contents: Introduction of the participants and report on the visit of Prof. Shunitz Tanaka in Central Kalimantan,Indonesia.

Seventh GEM Seminar, Jul 12 (Tue)

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Global Environment Management
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kigaku 2011/7/8 11:12
Date: July 12th (Tues) 16:30-18:00
Room: C202
Title; Waste management problems in Mongolia
Content: Ms. Byamba Bolorchimeg will present her Master's thesis proposal.

After that, we will discuss something on the topic.

Sixth GEM Seminar, June 28 (Tue)

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Global Environment Management
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kigaku 2011/6/24 15:32
The next GEM course is as follows:

Date: June 28th (Tues) 16:30-18:00
Room: C202
Title; Environmental Problems in Taiwan
Theme: Mr. Masashi Morita, student of Prof. Noriyuki Tanaka, will give a talk about the current environmental problems in Taiwan and his experiences in National Cheng-Kung University (NCKU).

After that, we will discuss something on the topic.

Fifth GEM Seminar June 14th (Tue)

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Global Environment Management
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kigaku 2011/6/10 17:03
Date: June 14th (Tues) 16:30-18:00
Room: C202

Theme of Speaker 1:Study on comparison of citizen's environmental awareness among four cities in China and Japan.
Contents: The study is aimed to compare the government activity and citizen consciousness in environmental protection, through analysis the comparison of them in the chosen several representative cities between China and Japan, to be presented by Mr. Lin Yingchao.

Theme of Speaker 2: Developing a Composite Index for Vulnerability of Coastal Communities in Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contents: A study on the vulnerability of five coastal communities in Aurora, Philippines based on the indices for identifying specific areas in need of adaptation and mitigation measures, to be presented by Mr. Pedcris Orencio.

After that, we will discuss something on the topics.Everyone is welcome to attend.
We will have a seminar of GEM course as follows.

Date: May 24th(Tues) 16:30-18:00
Room: C202
Theme: Modeling Residence Time and Effluent Dispersal of Marine Fish Farm in the Philippines
Contents: A study on the impacts of finfish cage aquaculture through numerical modeling to be presented by Evangeline Magdaong.

After that, we will discuss something on the topic.

Office Hours of GEM’s Staffs

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Global Environment Management
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kigaku 2011/5/18 10:35
We opened our office hours as follows.
We are ready to see students of not only GEM course but also
other courses in these hours. Please visit us in these hours frankly.

Dr.Masao Minagawa: every Wed. 16:30-18:00
Dr.Noriyuki Tanaka: every Tues. 18:00-19:00
Dr.Shunitz Tanaka: every Thurs.. 18:00-19:30
Dr.Mamoru Ishikawa: every Fri. 16:00-18:00
Dr. Masahiko Fujii: every Mon. 15:00-16:00

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University