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Grad Students Activities
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  • 広田 沙紀:アルギン酸イオンを鋳型として用いた銀ナノ粒子の合成
  • 大畑 有:Lake ice formation process at Lake Abashiri, Hokkaido, Japan -The lake ice structure and thickness evolution- (網走湖における湖氷形成過程ー湖氷構造と氷厚推移ー)
  • 大原 尚之:インタビューと文献調査から明らかにされる自然写真家の様々な取り組みに関する研究
  • 駒澤 皓:東南極・宗谷海岸の空中写真アーカイブデータ発掘とステレオペア画像を用いた氷床表面標高変化の検出
  • 森崎 夏輝(9月修了):サケ産卵床の空間分布に湧水が及ぼす影響―研究を活用した地域再発見の提案まで―


Master's Thesis Presentation

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Division Seminar
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admin 2014/2/4 8:20
All are welcome to attend Master's Thesis Presentation of the Division of Environmental Science Development.

When &Where:
February 4(Tue)09:00-16:00 & 5(Wed)09:00-10:20
Large Lecture Room D201
*Timetable: please seePDF

English Title

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Grad Students Activities
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admin 2013/8/14 15:40

Mid-Term Presentation Schedule 2013

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Division Seminar
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Dear Second-year students (M2) and October Entrants of First-year students (M1) of Master’s Course:

Please be informed that the Mid-Term Presentation will be held as follows:

1. When & Where:

1st Session: Monday, May 20th 13:00-16:00
2nd Session: Monday, June 3rd 13:00-16:00
3rd Session: Monday, June 10th 13:00-14:30
*There will be no session on May 27th due to the availability of the room.
Venue: D201

2. Submission of Presentation title:.

Deadline: 17:00 PM, Monday, May 13th
Fill in the attached excel form and submit it by email to k-iguchi (at)。

3. Submission of Presentation Slides:

Deadline for 1st Session presenters: 10:00AM, Friday, May 17th
Deadline for 2nd Session presenters: 10:00AM, Friday, May 31st
Deadline for 3rd Session presenters: 10:00AM, Friday, June 7th

Presentation Time Slot: Presentation (10 min.) + Q&A (5 min). = 15 min.
Title should be your name, e.g. “Kaori Iguchi”
Submit the file by Email to k-iguchi (at)
If the file size exceeds 10MB, save the file in USB Flash drive and submit it to the division office (E205).

*Please keep the deadline. Change of the file is not allowed after the deadline.

4. Please find the time slot assigned to you in the attached presentation schedule.
If you have schedule conflicts, discuss with your academic advisor and inform k-iguchi (at) by no later than 12:00 noon, Tuesday, May 7th.

*Please note that the time slot & date of your presentation might be changed because your advisor cannot chair the session of your presentation.

5. First-year students (M1) of Master’s Course (April entrants) will be requested to help running the presentation as time keeper, lighting and microphone runner.
Details will be informed later.

第2回 サブセミナーを以下のとおり開講します。今回は、池田浩一 教育開 発研究会代表をお招きして、水の環境教育:プロジェクト WET を活用した、気候 変動への適応策としての「川の防災教育プログラム」の提案と実践、また、技術 者の目から見た「問題解決」へのアプローチ方法についてもご紹介いただきます。 低炭素社会、環境教育に関心をお持ちの方など、今回だけの参加も歓迎しますの で、ぜひご参集ください。

▶講演:持続可能な社会に向けた環境教育プログラムの活用事例 ▶講師:池田浩一(教育開発研究会代表)
▶日時:4月 30 日(火) 13:00-14:30(第 3 限) ▶場所:環境科学院講義棟 D101


13:00-14:30 D201
沼口修士論文賞は、自然をこよなく愛し、その仕組みを理解しようと多大な情熱を 以って数々の優れた研究に取り組んだ故沼口敦助教授の遺志を引き継ぐような研究を奨励する趣旨で2001年に設立されました。環境科学院への改組に伴い、2006年度からその授賞母体が環境起学専攻に移りました。本論文賞は毎年、環境起学専攻の当該年度の修士論文の中から、専攻の理念にふさわしい優れた研究を論文賞選考委員会が選考し、授賞します。
2013年3月25日 修了祝賀会において「沼口賞」の授賞式が行われました。


Mid-Term -Poster Session

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Division Seminar
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admin 2011/9/16 17:59
Dear All,
Here is the announcement of The Mid-Term Poster Session 2011. The deadline of poster title for The Mid-Term Poster Session 2011 is
10:00 a.m. on Nov.14, so let's meet the due. Please be sure each
session member is scheduled to arrange the venue.

The contents 1-5 in Japanese correspond to the ones 1-5 in English.

Date: Nov.25 Fri. 1st Session: 15:00-16:30, 2nd Session: 16:45-18:15
1st Session: Human/Ecological Systems, Global Environ/Manage,根岸研
2nd Session: Course in PSE, Course in EAS

1st session groups arrange the venue: 13:00-13:30
2nd session groups re-arrange the venue: 18:30-19:00

Place:Centennial Hall

1. Presenters: Both of Master and Doctor students.
**Except the freshmen starting in Oct, DC3 taking a preliminary
review and absentees based on terms or studying abroad.

2. Presentation Form: Oral Presentation at Each Poster

3. Poster Size: width 90cm and height 170cm
**Poster height is applicable to 180cm maximum.
**Poster bonding A4 papers is applicable.

4. Deadline of Absent Notice: Oct.24 Mon. 10:00 a.m.
**Absentees like part-time students or those with schedule conflict
are required to contact your supervisor and me by email:
mkiya (at)

5. Deadline of Turning in Poster Title and Presenter Name:
Nov.14 Mon. 10:00 a.m.
**Please turn in by email:mkiya (at)

mid-term presentation 4th Circular

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Division Seminar
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admin 2011/5/24 13:00
We have now fixed the schedule of mid-term presentation of master-course researches. All of the students in the Division of Environ.
Sci.Devel. will be preferred to attend because there is no class during the session.

Also, M1 is scheduled to work as a timekeeper etc. in this session.
Please be sure to come in 15 minutes before starting.

********** Mid-Term Presentation ***********
(presentation:10minutes, defence:5minutes)
5/27(Fri) 8:45−10:30 D201
6/10(Fri)16:30−18:15 D201
6/17(Fri)16:30−18:15 D201


Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University