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環境起学専攻 教員・学生の皆様






Dear all:

I am Yusuke KOBAYASHI (D2)
This is an announcement of the Environmental geography seminar.
If you have any interest, please attend the seminar.

【Date】: 20th MAY (wed.), 14:45〜18:00
【Place】: C204(2)
1. Individual study report
All members
2.study progress
Amit Batar, Donald Kimutai

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Best Regards,
環境起学専攻 教員・学生の皆様

This is announcement about TS seminar
Date: 4/27(月),12:30〜14:00
Place: A807




***時間,場所,単位*** 原則として隔週水曜、 A807において.2年間受



高田研究室M2 高木俊甫(Shunsuke Takagi)

第一回目: 4月13日(月) PM 4:30〜(6:00)
  場所: 環境科学院講義棟 D103

内容: 出席者の自己紹介・教員の研究紹介
Course Seminar of Environmental Adaptation Science

Starting Date: Apr.13th (Mon.) PM 4:30〜(6:00)
Place: GSES bldg. D103
・Self-Introduction of all participants
・Simple introduction of research field of staffs
・Guidance of course seminar schedule
環境適応コース・ 豊田和弘(教員)または申屠雷吉(TA)
Kazuhiro Toyoda (staff) kazuhiro@ees.hokudai.ac.jp (rm.C408)
Leiji Shentu (TA) leiji@ees.hokudai.ac.jp (rm.C410)

Master's Thesis Presentation

カテゴリ : 
Division Seminar
執筆 : 
kigaku 2015/1/24 16:20
All are welcome to attend Master's Thesis Presentation of the Division of Environmental Science Development

When & Where:
February 5th (Thu) 09:00-17:20
Large Lecture Room D201

Master's Thesis Presentation

カテゴリ : 
Division Seminar
執筆 : 
admin 2014/2/4 8:20
All are welcome to attend Master's Thesis Presentation of the Division of Environmental Science Development.

When &Where:
February 4(Tue)09:00-16:00 & 5(Wed)09:00-10:20
Large Lecture Room D201
*Timetable: please seePDF

Nov.22th: Mid-Term Poster Session 2013

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Division Seminar
執筆 : 
kigaku 2013/10/7 16:10
Here is the announcement of The Mid-Term Poster Session 2013.
Please prepare this session following the guideline below.
********** Mid-Term -Poster Session- 2013 *********

Date:Nov.22 Fri.
1st Session: 13:00-14:30 (tentative)
2nd Session: 14:45-16:15 (tentative)

Venue: Conference Hall 学術交流会館
1. Presenters: All students.
**except students leaving school or studying abroad, applicants of ph.D. defense, and
freshmen of Oct. 2013.

2. Presentation Form: Oral Presentation at Each Poster

3. Panel Size: width 90cm and height 180cm

4. Deadline of Absent Notice: Oct.23 Wed. 5:00 p.m.
**Absentees like part-time students or those with schedule conflict are required to contact me by email (cmiura(at)ees.hokudai.ac.jp ) under the authorization of your supervisor.

5. Deadline of Turning in Poster Title and Presenter Name: Nov.11 Mon. 5:00 p.m.
**Please turn in by email: cmiura(at)ees.hokudai.ac.jp


カテゴリ : 
Division Seminar
執筆 : 
kigaku 2013/10/1 17:10

1)Ng Yin Cin 君 (前期博士課程)
2)王 ギョウ 君 (前期博士課程)
3)Erik Prasetyo 君 (後期博士課程)

Mid-Term Presentation Schedule 2013

カテゴリ : 
Division Seminar
執筆 : 
admin 2013/5/17 12:20

Dear Second-year students (M2) and October Entrants of First-year students (M1) of Master’s Course:

Please be informed that the Mid-Term Presentation will be held as follows:

1. When & Where:

1st Session: Monday, May 20th 13:00-16:00
2nd Session: Monday, June 3rd 13:00-16:00
3rd Session: Monday, June 10th 13:00-14:30
*There will be no session on May 27th due to the availability of the room.
Venue: D201

2. Submission of Presentation title:.

Deadline: 17:00 PM, Monday, May 13th
Fill in the attached excel form and submit it by email to k-iguchi (at) ees.hokudai.ac.jp。

3. Submission of Presentation Slides:

Deadline for 1st Session presenters: 10:00AM, Friday, May 17th
Deadline for 2nd Session presenters: 10:00AM, Friday, May 31st
Deadline for 3rd Session presenters: 10:00AM, Friday, June 7th

Presentation Time Slot: Presentation (10 min.) + Q&A (5 min). = 15 min.
Title should be your name, e.g. “Kaori Iguchi”
Submit the file by Email to k-iguchi (at) ees.hokudai.ac.jp.
If the file size exceeds 10MB, save the file in USB Flash drive and submit it to the division office (E205).

*Please keep the deadline. Change of the file is not allowed after the deadline.

4. Please find the time slot assigned to you in the attached presentation schedule.
If you have schedule conflicts, discuss with your academic advisor and inform k-iguchi (at) ees.hokudai.ac.jp) by no later than 12:00 noon, Tuesday, May 7th.

*Please note that the time slot & date of your presentation might be changed because your advisor cannot chair the session of your presentation.

5. First-year students (M1) of Master’s Course (April entrants) will be requested to help running the presentation as time keeper, lighting and microphone runner.
Details will be informed later.
The Special Lecture on Academic English Writing in Environmental Sciences will be held from 6th June.

As you know, you are required to confirm your course
registration between 7th - 18th this month. I remind
adding the special lecture to your registration is
available until the 18th of May.

Detailed information on the lecture is as follows
(also see the Syllabus ):

1.Date and venue
6th June 4 classes 10:30-12:00, 13:00-14:30,
14:45-16:15, 16:30-18:00

7th June 5 classes 8:45-10:15, 10:30-12:00,
13:00-14:30, 14:45-16:15,

8th June 4 classes 10:30-12:00, 13:00-14:30,
14:45-16:45, 16:30-18:00

27tn June 2classes 14:45:-16:45, 16:30-18:00

At D101 EES building.

2. Lecturer's Message (Mr. Gondor Darek) This course will cover the elementals of academic writing, and the editing and publication process of an academic journal. Lessons will be customized for student ability, but students need should have the ability to listen to lectures and write comfortably using at least elementary grammar. We will focus on writing reports for school reports and thesis, but also extend to what is necessary to publish your research, as some of you eventually may want to do with your Master's thesis. Much of the time in the last day will be spent on presentations and discussion.

Before starting this course students should understand the purpose and form of academic writing, and be able to differentiate it from non-academic writing. Students should also know the structure of an academic paper (abstract, intro, methods, etc.).

Lastly, I would ask students to think about a topic they are interested in studying in environmental science, and think of any written work they have read that inspires them to learn more about it. We will discuss this in one of the starting lectures.

Gondor Darek
Project Researcher, Integrated System of Sustainability Science, the University of Tokyo Editorial Associate, Editorial Office of Sustainability Science, Institute of Sustainability and Peace, United Nations University

3. Inquiries
特任教授 荒井眞一
TEL/FAX 011-706-3372
E-mail: shinarai@ees.hokudai.ac.jp

Schedule of The Master Thesis- 2nd -

カテゴリ : 
Division Seminar
執筆 : 
kigaku 2011/11/29 17:16
M2 students must prepare for the Master Thesis 2011 in the following schedule.

★Examiner and Title
Deadline: Wed. Jan.11, 2012, 17:00
Contact: Turn in by email to Megumi Kiya mkiya@ees.hokudai.ac.jp

The thesis title with technical name in English must be turned in by attaching the excel format on the web site. Any change is not available after submission.

★Abstract of the Master Thesis and Turn of Presentation
Deadline: Fri. Jan.13, 2012, 17:00
Contact: Turn in by hard copy to Megumi Kiya in person at the office 205
Style: Guideline and the required format have been given on the web site.
Turn of Presentation: Scheduled by lottery following handing in the abstract.

M2 students must consult their supervisors to avoid schedule conflict at the Master Thesis Presentation. In case no consultation has been made, the student would be asked to schedule the Master Thesis Presentation after consultation.

★Draft of the Master Thesis
Deadline: Mon. Jan.30, 2012, 17:00
Contact: Each of examiners and Megumi Kiya by ones in person.
Style: Turn in a hard copy printed on both faces with anything binding.

★The Master Thesis Presentation
Date: Feb.6 (Mon) and 7 (Tue), 2012 Venue: D201

★Final of the Master Thesis
Deadline: Mon. Feb.13, 2012, 17:00
1st Contact:
Turn in two copies to Megumi Kiya in person. At the office 205, 1st copy must be free of stapler and 2nd copy must be bound by binder. Also, the abstract and the Master Thesis
formatted pdf in USB must be made a copy in the hard disk as well.
2nd Contact:
Turn in one copy to each examiner printed on both faces with anything binding.

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University