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Symbiosis in Nature seminar announcement_1 August

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kigaku 2018/7/26 9:47
Dear Professors, Staffs, and Students

This is an announcement of the sub-course seminar of Symbiosis in Nature for the first semester of 2018. Please see below for the detail information:

Date: August 1 (Wednesday)
Time: 14:45-16:15
Venue: D103
Time allocation: 20 min for presentation, 10 min for responding questions and/or comments
Type of presentation: Paper review


1. Gao Yiyang

Tylianakis JM, Klein AM and Tscharntke T (2005) Spatiotemporal Variation in the Diversity of Hymenoptera across A Tropical Habitat Gradient. Ecology 86(12): 3296–3302.

2. Janine Tolod

Carrie R, Dobson M and Barlow J (2015) The Influence of Geology and Season on Macroinvertebrates in Belizean Streams: Implications for Tropical Bioassessment. Freshwater Science 34(2): 648–662.

Please check the attached files to download the papers and if you have any query, kindly contact me.

NB: The seminar history has been recorded in the following web pages – (ENG) and (JP).

Best Regards,

Mirza A.T.M. Tanvir Rahman
TA, Symbiosis in Nature


Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University