June 26 GEM seminar (6)

June 26 GEM seminar (6)

Dear all,

This is the announcement of GEM course seminar. Please check the details below,

Date: June 26 (Tue),
Time: 16:30 - 18: 00
Venue: D101


1. Huynh Hong Thicam,

Title: "Improving safety, ecology and profit by using different strategies of coastal protection"

2. Tripathi Saurabh,

Title: "Energy-Population-Urbanization NEXUS"

3. Liu Weiqi,

Title: "Roles of action project for local communities: Lessons from
field survey on the different cognition of the Imja Glacial Lake Project
between local people and project related people."

If you have any questions and/or if you will be absent on that day,
kindly contact me and cc to Prof Masaaki Kurasaki
Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Kaniz Fatima Binte Hossain

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University