Symbiosis in Nature_seminar announcement_May 14

Symbiosis in Nature_seminar announcement_May 14

Dear Professors, Staffs, and Students

This is an announcement of the sub-course seminar of Symbiosis in Nature for the first semester of 2018. Please see below for detail information:

Date: May 14 (Monday)
Time: 16:30-18:00
Venue: D103
Time allocation: 20 min for presentation, 10 min for responding questions and/or comments


1. Mirza A.T.M. Tanvir Rahman

Scharnweber, K., Vanni, M. J., Hilt, S., Syväranta, J., & Mehner, T. (2014). Boomerang ecosystem fluxes: organic carbon inputs from land to lakes are returned to terrestrial food webs via aquatic insects. Oikos, 123, 1439–1448.

2. Kenta Tamura

Yanase, W., Niino, H., Watanabe, S. I. I., Hodges, K., Zahn, M., Spengler, T., & Gurvich, I. A. (2016). Climatology of polar lows over the sea of Japan using the JRA-55 reanalysis. Journal of Climate, 29, 419–437.

3. Ahsan Habib

Miyakawa, T., & Satomura, T. (2006). Seasonal Variation and Environmental Properties of Southward Propagating Mesoscale Convective Systems over the Bay of Bengal. Sola, 2(2), 88–91.

If you have any query, kindly contact me.

NB: The seminar history has been recorded in the following webpages – (EN) and (JP).

Best Regards,

Mirza A.T.M. Tanvir Rahman
TA, Symbiosis in Nature

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University