mid-term presentation 4th Circular

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mid-term presentation 4th Circular

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Division Seminar
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admin 2011/5/24 13:00
We have now fixed the schedule of mid-term presentation of master-course researches. All of the students in the Division of Environ.
Sci.Devel. will be preferred to attend because there is no class during the session.

Also, M1 is scheduled to work as a timekeeper etc. in this session.
Please be sure to come in 15 minutes before starting.

********** Mid-Term Presentation ***********
(presentation:10minutes, defence:5minutes)
5/27(Fri) 8:45−10:30 D201
6/10(Fri)16:30−18:15 D201
6/17(Fri)16:30−18:15 D201



Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University