Schedule of Master Thesis

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Schedule of Master Thesis

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Division Seminar
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kigaku 2011/11/22 17:57
Here is the schedule of the Master Thesis 2011.

Examiner and Title Due: Jan.12, 2012
Abstract of the Master Thesis Due: Jan.16, 2012
Draft of the Master Thesis: Jan.30, 2012
The Master Thesis Presentation: Feb.6 and 7, 2012
Final of the Master Thesis: Feb.13, 2012

Regarding due dates above, Gakujutu requires you to meet. Please be sure our division will wrap up earlier and check email timely as well.

The supervisor is required to assign examiners in a timely manner. Please remind you of giving notice of the examiner outside campus to Gakujutu by Dec.19, 2011.


Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University