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Samples on past entrance examination

Foreign language

For the past questions of Foreign language (English version), please contact to the following address.
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Specialized subjects

If you wish to read the samples of Specialized subjects, click below. All files are complied by Acrobat version 6 or 7.
Caution must be paid that the exam format may be changed.

Year Examination Course
Human and Ecological Systems
Environmental Adaptation Science
Global Environmental Management
Practical Science for Environment
2020 Fall PDF PDF
2019 Spring PDF
2019 Fall PDF PDF
2018 Spring PDF
2017 Fall PDF PDF
2017 Spring PDF
2016 Fall PDF PDF
2016 Spring PDF
2015 Fall PDF
2014 Fall PDF
2013 Fall PDF
2012 Fall PDF
Foreign Applicants
Recomendation letter

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University