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投稿者 : admin 投稿日時: 2015-08-10 17:35:28 (2073 ヒット)
Ms. Divyavani (D2, Course in Geochemistry) and Mr. Motohiro Nakane (M1, Course in Geochemistry)has been awarded "Best Poster Presentation Award" in 33rd symposium of The Japanese Association of Organic Geochemists (6-7 Aug, 2005).

Title:Photochemical production of organic acids from biogenic and anthropogenic precursors: Aqueous phase laboratory experiments
Authors:Divyavani, G., K. Kawamura, and T. Mochizuki

Title:Evaluation of quantification method for dissolved black carbon
Authors:Nakane, M., T. Ajioka, and Y. Yamashita

投稿者 : admin 投稿日時: 2015-08-10 16:25:23 (1950 ヒット)
Mr. Kazuhiro Yoshida (M2, Course in Geochemistry) has been awarded "Best Poster Presentation Award" in Cloucher Summer Course “Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems” (27th Jul - 1st Aug, 2005) organized by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Title: Different photosynthetic responses between phytoplankton assemblages in coastal Oyashio and Oyashio waters of the western subarctic Pacific in early spring.

Authors: Yoshida, K., H. Endo, and K. Suzuki

投稿者 : admin 投稿日時: 2015-07-03 13:57:08 (1646 ヒット)

投稿者 : admin 投稿日時: 2015-05-19 11:45:44 (2028 ヒット)

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