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No. 310 EOAS seminar

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eoasweb 2018/7/17 10:44
第310回 大気海洋物理学・気候力学セミナー のおしらせ

日 時: 7月19日(木) 9:30-12:00
Date : Thu., 19 Jul. 9:30-12:00
場 所: 環境科学院D201室
Place : Env. Sci. Bldg. D201

Speaker: Vivek Kishor Shilimkar (Course in Atmosphere-Ocean and Climate Dynamics/D3)
Title: On relative contribution of Pacific and Indian Oceans to the decadal variation of
Indonesian Throughflow in current climate and future climate RCP8.5 scenario.



Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University