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5/30 EES seminar by Dr. Victoria Sork


We will have an EES seminar on 5/30 as follows. We look forward to your participation.

Date&Room: 5/30 16:30~18:00 D201 (free talk between 13:00~16:30 at A809)

Presenter: Sork, Victoria L. (Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of California Los Angeles)

Talk title: Genomic and epigenetic approaches to plastic and evolutionary adaptation of oak trees

Summary:  Whole genome sequences and gene annotations of a California endemic white oak, Quercus lobata, have been published recently. This genomic and epigenetic information indicates tandem repeats of disease resistance genes and epigenetic patterns consistent with grasses. These findings facilitate to understand the genetic basis of adaptive evolution that has been demonstrated by landscape genetics, phylogeography with regard to introgression, ecophysiological and gene expression studies, and provenance trials, which may help oaks survive climate change.

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