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Seminar : EES Seminar (by LIU Tong) 10/17

Dr. Liu, who joined our faculty this summer, will present her research at the Environmental Earth Science seminar.
Date and time: 16:45-18:00 on October 17th (Mon) 2022 
Place: D201 in GSES 
Speaker: Dr. LIU Tong (本研究院・統合環境科学部門・環境適応科学分野・助教)  Assistant Professor, Group of Environmental Adaptation Science,  
Section of Integrated Environmental Science,  
Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University 

Title: Occurrence and risk assessment of emerging micropollutants  
in a water diversion project (分水嶺事業における新興微量汚染物質の発生とリスク評価) Language: English 
Chair: OKINO Tatsufumi(統合環境科学部門)

Abstract: Water diversion is increasingly utilized for water supply, flood control, irrigation, and water quality improvement in many water bodies globally. Micropollutants such as perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) can be transported via dual-source water diversion projects during water diversion and flood discharge, which may negatively impact both receiving water bodies. However, the sources, spatiotemporal variations, and fluxes of PFAAs under water diversion projects remain unclear. Here, we quantified 18 PFAA compounds in the surface water of the Wangyu River in eastern China, which transfers water between the Yangtze River and Taihu Lake during water diversion (January 2020) and flooding periods (July 2020) for the following objectives: (1) to investigate the occurrence and sources of signature PFAAs in both flow directions in this highly urbanized and populated region; (2) to characterize the relative contribution of individual PFAAs and explore how water diversion and flooding impacts the PFAA pollution; and (3) to estimate the flux of PFAAs (kg month-1) diverted into or discharged from Taihu Lake via the Wangyu River, to provide a reference value for the ecological safety of a dual-source water diversion project and its receiving water bodies.

Contact: TOYODA Kazuhiro ( (統合環境科学部門)
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