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Sep.25: Home Coming Day 2015

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Posted 2015-09-02
EESEES : Sep.25: Home Coming Day 2015

Alumni Event Information
Graduate School of Environmental Science & Environmental Science Alumni
Hokkaido University Homecoming Day 2015

September 25 (Fri)

1) Panel exhibition about courses and laboratories (at Room D101): 2:00PM – 5:00PM

2) Ceremony and Lectures of Matsuno Environmental Science Award ; Lectures by OB (at Room D201): 2:00PM – 5:00PM

1. Ceremony and Lectures of Matsuno Environmental Sciene Award
• Mr. Chungwan Lim
• Mr. Keiichi Fukaya

2. Lectures by OB
Invited speakers, four young OBs, will introduce their graduate school days, job-hunting episodes, and current job stories.
• Mr. Hiroshi Matsuura, National Institute of Technology, Asahikawa College
• Mr. Takehiro Fukuda, Hokkaido Government
• Mr. Kota Anjo, Kinki Regional Environment Office, Ministry of the Environment
• Mr. Kazumasa Matsuura, Matsuura & Associates, International Patent and Trademark

3) Alumni party (at Hokudai Seikyo, North Restrant): 6:00PM - 7.30PM
Fee: Non-students \5,000 / Students \1,000
You can join the alumni party by sending a registration form from the official website of


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