The 4th Native Country's Introduction-China-


Dear Students

We are pleased to inform you of the following event.
Mr. Hu from China will introduce fascinating native country on August 30
If it is convenient to you, please join us.
Date: Aug 30 (Mon) 5:00 p.m.〜6:00p.m.
Place: Graduate School of Environmental Science D-101
Speaker: Mr. Hu Baiyang
Language: English
Content: Chinese Introduction (Education, Environmental Project, Culture etc)

3rd Native Country's Introduction-Indonasia-


We will have the meeting "foreign student introduces an own country"
This time about Indonesia.
People with the interest, please gather.
Thank you.

9th Native Country's Introduction-India


We will have the meeting "foreign student introduces an own country"
This time about India.
People with the interest, please gather.
Thank you.

The 1st Native Country's Introduction-Brunei-[/ja]


GlobalCOE Unit has informed you there will be an activity of foreign
students. Ahmad Iskandar Bin Haji Mohd Taha from Brunei will
introduce his/her mother country.

Date: May 31, 2010, 17:00-18:00
Place: The conference room, 1st floor

Call for Participants in JENESYS PROGRAM 2010

An Educational Program for the Leader in Environmental Protection on the basis of Laboratory Works and Fields Works

The summary of the program:This program is one of JENESYS (the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) programs supported by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization). The aim of this program is to bring up the leaders having internationality and wide scope visions in the field of environmental protection under the conduction of Graduate School of Environmental Science (GSES) of Hokkaido University. In order to acquire the concepts of environmental protection, the basic and advanced knowledge and technologies for environmental monitoring, environmental evaluation and environmental remediation methods will be learned through this program under the supervision of scientists in the laboratories of GSES, Hokkaido University. In addition, through the seminars and lectures prepared for this program, students will understand global environment problems, an environmental difference between Tropical Zone and Temperate Zone, and the difference of the action to the environmental problems in each country. Students in this program will take part in interchanging with Japanese researchers and students in the nature of the Temperate Zone area (a cool and warm band including snow season).
We hope that this program leads to the entrance into Doctoral Course in Hokkaido University to become an excellent engineer and/or scientist in your country. (The detail of the program should be referred in an attached sheet.)

GSEES Seminar

GSEES HOUR before March 2011: Click here
GSEES HOUR before April 2005: Click here
GSEES HOUR before May 2003: Click here
GSEES HOUR before Sept 2001: Click here
GSEES HOUR from the first one: Click here


池田 元美 氏(北海道大学大学院 地球環境科学院 教授)

池田 元美 氏いまこそ地球未来学を




An Educational Program of Leaders for Environmental Conservation on the basis of Laboratory Trainings and Seminars
インドネシアから5名の参加者が9月29日に来日 GENESYS


  • Nidya Ravenska (パランカラヤ大学)
  • Delvira Jayatri P. (イスラムインドネシア大学)
  • Lina Mahardiani (ガジャマダ大学)
  • Aster Rahayu (アンダラス大学)
  • Tania Avianda Gusman (ガジャマダ大学)


責任と影響力を自覚した研究と、積極的な情報発信を (日本語版)
Responsibility & Influence in Environmental Research and Diffusion (英語版)


(大学祭施設公開に向けて、2009.5.20 春木雅寛)

1. はじめに

正面玄関前は五大陸(右下はユーラシア)が ... (2007.7.5)

 北海道大学(北大)構内は北6-24条、西5-16丁目にかけて南北約2.3 km、東西約1.1 km、面積約182 haを占めます。北海道大学構内に正門から入ると右手に大きな樹木がまず目につきますね。これがハルニレです。ハルニレは英語名でelm (エルム)、学名ではニレ科のニレ(Ulmus ウルムス)属に属しています。北大にはいろいろな樹木を合わせておおよそ9,700本の樹木個体が登録されています。北大は「エルムの学園」と言われ、このハルニレは約1,600本(16.2%)と約1/6を占めています。正門を入って(右手に大学本部がありますがその前を通り)まっすぐ(西に向かって)歩いていきますと、左手の中央ローン(芝生)、クラーク像を過ぎて農学部の前庭、この前庭と右手の総合博物館(旧理学部)との間のローンは大きな樹木(ほとんどがハルニレです)と芝生の組み合わせからなっており、北大の代表的な景観となっているのはご存知ですね。
 さて、私たちの環境科学院は、大学正門を入って、右手にある4階建ての建物(大学本部)の北側約100 mに位置していて、8階建てA, B, C棟の建物とこれにつながった2階建ての管理棟、実験棟からなっています。一番の特徴は四方を樹木に囲まれていて、おそらく敷地面積辺りの樹木本数、樹種数が北大内のいろいろな学部(大学院)の中で最も多いと思われます。各学部(大学院)の敷地内の樹木や植物について解説されたものは、今のところありませんので、ここでは私たちの環境科学院敷地内の樹木や植物のあらましについて述べてみることにします。

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University