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Schedule Table for Graduate Students

Schedule Table

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Schedule table for students in Division of Environmental Science Development (events, intensive courses, and practices) will be informed as needed.
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Date (YY/MM/DD) Time Content Location
10/04 Guidance for freshmen D201
Counseling for freshmen D202
Assignment of graduate educators (1)
10/05-07 Mid-term presentation of master thesis
10/06/5-6 Open campus (University Festival) GSES
10/06/25 Hokkaido-styled barbecue party (Jimpa) GSES
10/06 Assignment of graduate educators (2)
10/11 15:00-18:00 Poster presentation of graudate students
11/02/07-08 Master thesis defence (Program)
For master thesis
Date Subject Remarks
Jan. 7 (Fri.) Submit thesis title and committee memebers [To Kigaku officer]
Jan. 14 (Fri.) Submit abstract Checklist of the format * Checklist of the format [To Kigaku officer]
Jan. 31 (Mon.) Submit master thesis draft for evaluation [To committe members and officer]
Feb. 7/8 (Mon./Thu.) Defence of master thesis D201
Feb. 15 (Thu.) Submit final ms of master thesis [To Kigaku officer]
PhD & Ms Thesis List

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