About Us

Deepening environmental science and solving environmental issues
Our division has novel vision to create new movement for establishing new field in environmental science. It is accordance to the frontier sprints, ¡ÈBe ambitious!¡É, declared by Dr. William Clark. This one of important our university visions.

Be ambitious

Facing to very difficult environmental problems at present time, deepening our exploration from conventional disciplines should be further advanced. Therefore, bridging various study fields and disciplines is mandatory.
Our division is engaging in research on exploring mechanisms of environmental change from micro scale to macro (global) scale.

Exploring sciences for environment
by various angles

Three distinguished features in education
  1. No rush for deciding thesis theme and supervisors
    e do not expect all students who should have research topics in advance at their entrance examination. You could have sufficient time to find your research topics through guidance and counseling after your enrollment . Of course, we welcome students who have decided to your research topics in advance.

  2. You can be supervised by several supervisors
    You may have anxiety for your supervision by just one expert. Especially, it is true if you are going to engage in multi-disciplinary research. Also, wide view is important for any environmental experts. For this reason, we have a student advice system with several supervisors with different disciplines.

  3. Mid-term progress presentation with all members
    Our division has mid term progress presentation sessions twice a year. This gives all members excellent opportunities to share your research progress. You could have chance to obtain information and suggestions from various points of view at the session. There are many seminars and sub-seminars, which you could freely attend.
Many foreign students are studying.
GEM (Global Environmental Management) course provides all course works (lectures, trainings and seminar) in English. The other courses also provide many lectures and trainings in English. Therefore, students who have relatively weak Japanese language skill could finish their entire class works. Classes with diverse nationalities also provide unique opportunities to learn broader aspects on environments. There are many field works and research overseas for our students.

Again we stress importance of your¡ÖAmbitious¡×sprit

Pre-acquisition on environmental sciences do not require for enrolling our division. All you need is your strong will and passion for learning environmental sciences. We provide very basics through our introductory subjects for new students in our division so that you could acquire necessary foundation on environmental science after your enrollment.

We welcome students with their interests both on global and local environment from any study fields.

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince, Hokkaido University